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kohaku πŸ”₯ 14 days ago

Ayyyy 1000 hits!

kohaku 😢 15 days ago

I think I will remove the drop-down menus because they don't translate well to mobile. I will do things a different way!

kohaku πŸ’€ 21 days ago

Every time Linux gives me trouble I start panicking and reaching out to Windows. Every time, trouble self-solves.

kohaku 🎢 23 days ago

A big thanks to music, it manages to repair me when all else fails. Sometimes other humans feel like they're made of pickaxes.

kohaku 🐱 30 days ago


kohaku 😭 30 days ago

I'm too much of a noob for Linux, apparently: I can't install the tablet. Goodbye pretty kde, I'm going back to windows...

kohaku πŸ₯Ί 31 days ago

Wow, the difference between a .mp3 and a .flac is so huge... mp3 pales in comparison, when played from the website!

kohaku πŸ’» 31 days ago

This is a test! I'm working at my site at a comfy speed.