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hi i am ace
i don't play about george harrison


love-you-bug ☕️ 4 days ago

somehow survived food poisoning.. still a little scared of food tho

love-you-bug 🎶 9 days ago

finally fixed my margins on my site for my left and right columns

love-you-bug 🌧️ 36 days ago

little upset that there is so much rain rn :p

love-you-bug 💡 43 days ago

i wish my legs were longer :/

love-you-bug ☀️ 44 days ago

new blog post added to "news" section on site :P

love-you-bug 🌧️ 45 days ago

need to write paper due 5 days ago

love-you-bug ✏️ 50 days ago

need to write paper that is due in 3 hours

love-you-bug 🌧️ 51 days ago

Tired and want my mom. I hope this episode ends soon.

love-you-bug 💡 53 days ago

no school tomorrow heheheh >:]

love-you-bug 🎶 56 days ago

happy friday! robert smith has fallen in love today.

love-you-bug ❄️ 59 days ago

ITS SNOWING!! All my classes were canceled today so i got sleep in today!!!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡

love-you-bug 🎷 60 days ago

happy monday !it is supposed to snow tomorrow :)

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