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hi i am rina


love-you-bug ☕️ 4 days ago

2 and a half day long depression episode is gradually lifting. I'm feeling better :)

love-you-bug 🙂 21 days ago

College sucks man. How do I talk to people.

love-you-bug 🙂 24 days ago

hallelujah omegle is dead!!!!!!

love-you-bug 🌧️ 25 days ago

Insomnia day 2. I think I have slept for a grand total of 2 hours (Mon-Wed)

love-you-bug ✨ 30 days ago

the weekend starts for me rn!! Still have homework to do tho :(

love-you-bug 🌙 33 days ago

happy halloween! today was surely a freight.

love-you-bug 🙂 35 days ago

r.i.p me i have so many lab reports to do

love-you-bug 🙂 39 days ago

finally figured out derivatives

love-you-bug ⛵ 44 days ago

good morning two classes left and then i get to go home! :D

love-you-bug 😎 45 days ago

chem quiz moved to monday thank the lord

love-you-bug 🥳 48 days ago

finally got back into my homework kick

love-you-bug ✏️ 49 days ago

classes tomorrow i am dreading it

love-you-bug 🙃 50 days ago

Went into hysteria last night I don't know why tbh. College is making me lose it. Social deprivation does that to a person i guess.

love-you-bug 💻 51 days ago

my college experience is being ruined by my poor planning skills. Save me.