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we like horror, dark fantasy, science fiction, indie games, manga & anime, egl fashion, teddy bears, stationery, programming, puzzles, psychology, philosophy; themes of identity, death, duality, denpa, doppelgΓ€ngers, clones, mirror & shadow selves, & possession.

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boogiepop πŸ˜‡ 13 days ago

sooo glad im not following invisible social rules and being defined by how well i submit to people who will never respect me anymore

boogiepop πŸŒ™ 16 days ago

i'm new to tabletop games still but have been doing one for the past few months and i'm having a lot of fun..!!!

boogiepop ❀️ 19 days ago

mitski was sooooooo goooooddd

boogiepop 😎 26 days ago

friend of a friend had a change of plans and now i get a free and unexpected mitski concert.. exciting!!!

boogiepop 😎 35 days ago

one of my friends is happy to lend me a soldering iron which was the one thing preventing me from installing an AYAB motherboard on my KH965

boogiepop 😭 36 days ago

my friend showed me and another friend all her GLB issues and i didn't realize they had sewing patterns in them, i want them all now lol

boogiepop πŸ’€ 41 days ago

nocturne is sooo fun i love smt

boogiepop πŸŒ™ 45 days ago

sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is stop talking to them

boogiepop πŸŒ™ 47 days ago

starting to enjoy going to the bar with friends

boogiepop πŸ₯Ή 48 days ago

i love my bf

boogiepop πŸ’€ 50 days ago

playing smt: nocturne lately.. they weren't kidding about the matador fight

boogiepop 😎 57 days ago

i'm getting rly good at driving. i gotta book a driving test!

boogiepop πŸ™‚ 61 days ago

eating pho with friends and having DMCS (deep meaningful conversations)

boogiepop πŸ₯° 62 days ago

been meeting up weekly with a couple friends in town to study japanese for a bit.. we're making good progress with the textbooks!

boogiepop πŸ™‚ 67 days ago

lost haven / shillings is my bgm this year

boogiepop 🌧️ 68 days ago

getting back into old hobbies ^^

boogiepop 🌈 71 days ago

happy st patricks day! went on a drive to a water reservoir and had breakfast sitting on a rock in the dark forest.. ireland so pretty

boogiepop πŸ‘½ 72 days ago

the 1997 berserk anime looks and sounds rly good... i love susumu hirasawa

boogiepop πŸ₯³ 80 days ago

I bought a car!!!

boogiepop πŸ₯° 81 days ago

looking at a car tomorrow morning before the con...

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