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medeuxsa ❤️ 6 hours ago

if I could live by just being pretty...

medeuxsa 😎 2 days ago

I feel so cool saying "I just got to the office" even though I'm probably just gonna annoy my friends and not do any work

medeuxsa 🥰 2 days ago

i love my friends

medeuxsa 🌧️ 4 days ago

I obviously can't take care of myself how am I supposed to do things for others? how does the resentment leave me?

medeuxsa 🙃 5 days ago

I cant stop the tears from forming in my eyes bro I don't even know what the exact problem is it's just like everything. Fuck these hormones

medeuxsa 😭 6 days ago

my tribal chief...

medeuxsa 💀 7 days ago

How can I be the most ugly bitter person to ever exist like what is my problem?

medeuxsa 💀 9 days ago

I have to plan my life in advance bro what is thaaaat

medeuxsa 🌧️ 9 days ago

when you thought you'd be like they would be and now they ARE that and you've abandoned everything you thought you'd care for

medeuxsa 🍏 11 days ago

mmmmm green apple gatorade

medeuxsa 🌧️ 11 days ago

i pray that the me of tomorrow will do what i couldnt manage ALL WEEKEND

medeuxsa 😶 13 days ago

My soul is on hibernation but time is moving and I have things to do

medeuxsa 💔 13 days ago

I've gotten so good at starting the day but I let the rest of it wither away... I am on the edge of hubris

medeuxsa 💀 15 days ago

who'd have thought that nothing can fill the void

medeuxsa 😭 17 days ago

emo music save this mental breakdown make me feel like im in middle school again

medeuxsa 💀 18 days ago

what will fill the void? what is the void?

medeuxsa 😡 24 days ago

completely fucking wasted my day off because i cant shake bad habits

medeuxsa 😭 25 days ago

one day ill be so normal and able to handle things in a sane way and not bring everyone else down with me

medeuxsa 💔 26 days ago

if only this wasnt mundane but could be instead... or at least... a beautiful tragedy

medeuxsa 😡 28 days ago

projecting my stupid feelings on others when i am in fact just a horrible person and no one else is like this

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