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medeuxsa 📚 16 hours ago

I am successful in my endeavors and I take pride in the lessons learned <3

medeuxsa 😭 11 days ago

freaking out about your freaking out bc you know you'll make more mistakes by freaking out so now you can't stop ^u^

medeuxsa 🤒 11 days ago

feel sooo anxious just turned in my first big-ish grad school open-ended assignment the more I read it the more I hated it, but it's in so

medeuxsa 😡 12 days ago

i want someone to talk to but im being an absolute nightmare i want comfort but no one can give it to me, whatever i have i dont want

medeuxsa ❤️ 15 days ago

Teary-eyed at the thought of someone's utter kindness and ability to make you feel welcomed and valued

medeuxsa 🤒 19 days ago

empty utter nothingness and not in a comforting way. perhaps the good feelings are the illusion

medeuxsa ✨ 36 days ago

if someone told me i looked like a painting and painted a word-picture so unique and beautiful that I had no reason to not believe them i'd

medeuxsa 👽 37 days ago

listening to billie eilish to get melancholy vibes feels insane what is happening to me maybe im just listening to tone and beat

medeuxsa 😶 39 days ago

surely everything will be okay but i can't stop worrying about everything

medeuxsa ✨ 41 days ago

eyes closed listening to shinsuke nakamura's entrance song turned up all the way

medeuxsa ❤️ 43 days ago

feminine urge to have an ophelia moment, your guess as to whether i mean get manipulated, go mad, or have a prince lay in my lap

medeuxsa 🤖 44 days ago

will i ever grow in ways i want such that i can flourish and be proud?

medeuxsa 🎤 45 days ago

show me how defenseless you really areeeee satisfied and empty insiiiide that's alright let's give this another try

medeuxsa ✨ 48 days ago

on my ayesha erotica arc i need ngsunc back on spotify now

medeuxsa 😭 52 days ago

i cant remember the last time i've cried because i was sad/hopeless and not bc of a game or show and tonight might reset that!!!

medeuxsa ❤️ 53 days ago

fnaf theorizing about old man consequences... buddy said red is in between purple and orange, what if he's a guardian of transitions???

medeuxsa 😶 55 days ago

u ever long to feel something strong but happiness is scarier than melancholy nd sadness nd you want it to feel meaningful so you can be too

medeuxsa 🌙 56 days ago

breathe in breathe out things are okay things will be okay i am learning and growing

medeuxsa 💀 57 days ago

so many things to do... so little motivation... so little time... when it all flashes before my eyes will I regret this time?

medeuxsa 👽 60 days ago

might be entering my lmfao era (again?)

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