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medeuxsa 😶 33 days ago

Often being the only person to wear heels in my department feels so alienating everyone knows it's me from miles away broooo

medeuxsa 😭 33 days ago

I don't just have classmates... I have a friend

medeuxsa 😭 34 days ago

I think that if anyone read my work they'd be so confused how I got here

medeuxsa 🙃 34 days ago

Let the worst parts of myself be seen without forethought and see if that's enough

medeuxsa 🍕 35 days ago

meals today include cheese its and candy bruhhhh

medeuxsa 🥰 36 days ago

Anyone else weirdly sentimental about material items people give you because it's like tangible evidence of your connection and of that time

medeuxsa 👽 37 days ago

I really say, "this is my new interest I will turn this into a term paper"

medeuxsa 🤖 40 days ago

me noticing little things I do that differ and wondering if it's a stylistic preference or if I'm strange

medeuxsa 📚 41 days ago

have at least 4 lip products in my backpack but only one pencil :^) that's how a girlboss slays at uni

medeuxsa 🌧️ 41 days ago

its anxiety i feel like my chest is going to explode

medeuxsa 😶 42 days ago

is that feeling in my chest shame or anxiety and where is it directed?

medeuxsa 🍏 43 days ago

sour candy too good. my mouth must suffer.

medeuxsa ❤️ 45 days ago

if I could live by just being pretty...

medeuxsa 😎 47 days ago

I feel so cool saying "I just got to the office" even though I'm probably just gonna annoy my friends and not do any work

medeuxsa 🥰 47 days ago

i love my friends

medeuxsa 🌧️ 49 days ago

I obviously can't take care of myself how am I supposed to do things for others? how does the resentment leave me?

medeuxsa 🙃 50 days ago

I cant stop the tears from forming in my eyes bro I don't even know what the exact problem is it's just like everything. Fuck these hormones

medeuxsa 😭 50 days ago

my tribal chief...

medeuxsa 💀 52 days ago

How can I be the most ugly bitter person to ever exist like what is my problem?

medeuxsa 💀 54 days ago

I have to plan my life in advance bro what is thaaaat

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