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I'm figuring things out. I miss Tumblr
I also have a Dreamwidth for my long winded stuff
(Icon made from a scan by Dream-Meltic that I heavily edited)

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nightmare-theater 📺 8 hours ago

fuck it I'm moving my site over to nekoweb goodbye neocities o/

nightmare-theater 📺 1 day ago

Update: Nekoweb does have follows, ugh. Might still move to it though.

nightmare-theater 📺 1 day ago

Thinking of moving my site to Nekoweb... It doesn't have social media features like Neocities (follows, etc) and I like that

nightmare-theater 📺 2 days ago

I should've been working on a drawing but instead I got slightly high off anti nausea meds (don't do this at home) and browsed ggst mods

nightmare-theater 📺 2 days ago

How the hell am I ever going to hold down a job to cover the rising cost of living

nightmare-theater 📺 5 days ago

Steam, why the fuck are you making me download a 4gb update for a game that hasnt been updated in over a year

nightmare-theater 📺 9 days ago

I love how this drawing is coming out but at the same time I hate working on it

nightmare-theater 📺 9 days ago

I like looking at all the customized pages on here...You all are so good with CSS what

nightmare-theater 💤 10 days ago

Finally... Done with lining this drawing. I can rest now.

nightmare-theater 📺 12 days ago

Understimulation is a bitch I feel like a tiger pacing around in it's cage

nightmare-theater 📺 12 days ago

its honestly really understated how much having a blorbo (sorry this is the only way i can explain this) is for wanting to improve your art

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