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i have a disease you know?


ophanimkei 🎶 2 days ago

sorry if you ever get on my website and you ever see the uncensored no love deep web album :head in hands:

ophanimkei 💻 2 days ago

i got a lot of game dev done today. happy. maybe i'm finally going to be productive again

ophanimkei ❤️ 5 days ago

the webring reached 30 members today. i am so happy

ophanimkei ❤️ 7 days ago

I wish I wasn't so nice. I admire bitches. That's what I wanna be.

ophanimkei 📚 9 days ago

i did everything i planned to do today ^w^ feeling great

ophanimkei 💻 9 days ago

i have been so productive today, but i still have many more things to do.

ophanimkei ❤️ 11 days ago

i just ordered my first lolita dress!

ophanimkei 💤 14 days ago

girl told if she wants a page to look cool she has to code it herself. three dead ten injured

ophanimkei 🌈 15 days ago

it's a really good feeling when someone makes an effort to be your friend

ophanimkei ❄️ 15 days ago

it snowed while i was on my way to disability services. snowflakes were scattered in my hair like tiny pieces of cotton

ophanimkei 💔 16 days ago

taking math for comp sci quiz. this is not math to me

ophanimkei 💤 16 days ago

i need to catch up on all of my schoolwork today T_T

ophanimkei ❄️ 24 days ago

looking at the mountains makes me realize why people associate them with gods

ophanimkei 💻 26 days ago

long car ride in a few hours T_T (i will probably sleep the entire time)

ophanimkei 📱 28 days ago

i know it will never be enough

ophanimkei ❤️ 28 days ago

i had a really good convo with my friend today. she always makes me realize how nice it is to not care :-)

ophanimkei 💻 29 days ago

i feel like my website is.. really boring.. but that's okay i guess

ophanimkei 🎮 30 days ago

looking at silksong gameplay. it looks so cool i want to play nooow

ophanimkei 💻 36 days ago

i hate chrome so much

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