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i have a disease you know?


ophanimkei 😱 17 days ago

two hours until the end of days (my programming 2 interview exam)

ophanimkei 📚 18 days ago

i have to study a lot now T_T

ophanimkei 💤 20 days ago

i should've just gone out tonight like i'd been planning. now i've messed up again

ophanimkei 🥗 21 days ago

i am now a salad devotee

ophanimkei 🎶 21 days ago

Utata-P's Happiness Series.. Dancing. I missed it

ophanimkei 📚 22 days ago

if you do something a lot, it stops being hard. i think avoiding things that are hard just makes it worse

ophanimkei 📚 23 days ago

Everyone I know tells me not to take art history class but it seems so interesting. Aaah I want to be more informed!!!

ophanimkei 💀 23 days ago

i had a terrifying dream that ben shapiro had me physically restrained in attempt to out me to my parents

ophanimkei 🌈 25 days ago

worshipping my english professor for not taking off points for me turning stuff in late!!! mentally ill gals win!!!!

ophanimkei 💔 25 days ago

i get more evil as i get older but that's okay i guess

ophanimkei 🥗 25 days ago

i need to study but i can't stop thinking about how much i want to eat salad T_T

ophanimkei 📖 28 days ago

added lots of comedy to my to read lists. fun. hopefully i don't get tired of it.

ophanimkei 📺 28 days ago

Aggretsuko writers after making Haida the most unlikable love interest in the series: we want you to cheer for him

ophanimkei 💻 28 days ago

The homework never ends

ophanimkei ❤️ 29 days ago

I wish Aggretsuko had kept it's fun relatable sitcom quality.. I miss when it was good. I feel some dread about watching S5

ophanimkei 📚 29 days ago

Comp sci students are so funny. I love them

ophanimkei ☕️ 29 days ago

Drank all my coffee.. unfortunate..

ophanimkei 🎶 31 days ago

listening to the adventure time soundtrack and sobbing

ophanimkei 🌱 31 days ago

(redacted) has done so much harm to society. touch grass

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