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i have a disease you know?

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ophanimkei 💤 98 days ago

why am I still Awake

ophanimkei ☀️ 99 days ago

took buppy walking

ophanimkei 💻 102 days ago

need to.. update my egl page a lot.. i guess i'll do that tonight

ophanimkei 😭 104 days ago

my headphones stopped working T_T

ophanimkei 🌈 104 days ago

first draft of next project finished! and a lot of the asset creation is going smoothly too. i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

ophanimkei ☀️ 104 days ago

everyone in the world is too shy. it's important to just show up in front of people you like and talk to them (easier said than done)

ophanimkei 🌧️ 105 days ago

reminding myself to not be crazy

ophanimkei 🎶 105 days ago

black veil brides covered temple of love... amazing

ophanimkei ❤️ 108 days ago

i love helping people

ophanimkei 😭 109 days ago

where is my butch prince

ophanimkei 🍙 111 days ago

the cooking page may be purged soon.. or updated completely.. not sure yet. maybe i can make it a food log

ophanimkei 🥰 112 days ago

showed granny the western channel on freevee. she is very happy

ophanimkei ❤️ 113 days ago

happy international lolita day!

ophanimkei 🙂 114 days ago

i just want to be nice to everyone in the world

ophanimkei 😭 115 days ago

finding out the headaches i get regularly are actually migraines

ophanimkei 😭 122 days ago

i need someone to tell me to get off discord and work on my projects

ophanimkei 💻 123 days ago

it's important to not let the opinions of strangers get to you, but it is really easy for something silly to hurt your feelings

ophanimkei 💻 124 days ago

I'll probably update the diary layout soon. The JS loads too slowly for my liking

ophanimkei 💻 126 days ago

I may make a game dev webring if there isn't already one that exists.. it would be fun

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