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i have a disease you know?

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ophanimkei ❤️ 179 days ago

i love helping people

ophanimkei 😭 180 days ago

where is my butch prince

ophanimkei 🍙 181 days ago

the cooking page may be purged soon.. or updated completely.. not sure yet. maybe i can make it a food log

ophanimkei 🥰 182 days ago

showed granny the western channel on freevee. she is very happy

ophanimkei ❤️ 183 days ago

happy international lolita day!

ophanimkei 🙂 185 days ago

i just want to be nice to everyone in the world

ophanimkei 😭 185 days ago

finding out the headaches i get regularly are actually migraines

ophanimkei 😭 192 days ago

i need someone to tell me to get off discord and work on my projects

ophanimkei 💻 194 days ago

it's important to not let the opinions of strangers get to you, but it is really easy for something silly to hurt your feelings

ophanimkei 💻 194 days ago

I'll probably update the diary layout soon. The JS loads too slowly for my liking

ophanimkei 💻 196 days ago

I may make a game dev webring if there isn't already one that exists.. it would be fun

ophanimkei 💔 197 days ago

why have rooms from the 1930s if guests aren't allowed in them

ophanimkei ✈️ 197 days ago

studying abroad has been so fun~ today i am relaxing!

ophanimkei 🌧️ 208 days ago

i hate doing things <-- brain is a boiled egg and i have a migraine all the time

ophanimkei 💀 209 days ago

my granny saying i'm downgrading myself by wearing the clothes i like and T_T ok (she also said i want to go to hell. very fun)

ophanimkei 🙃 212 days ago

being home is really exhausting

ophanimkei ❤️ 215 days ago

i went to such a beautiful bookstore today. there were so many books from my childhood and new things i hadn't heard of. anime figures too

ophanimkei 😴 216 days ago

finals nearly over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ophanimkei 😡 217 days ago

love my mom i love how she reacts to me in a complete and normal way

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