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i have a disease you know?

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ophanimkei 😭 212 days ago

When buying all of these items, I did not prepare for winter and next week she is coming to kill me

ophanimkei 🎮 212 days ago

i love playing stardew valley with m y siblings.. life is perfect....

ophanimkei 💻 214 days ago

got a 94 on web dev exam. pog

ophanimkei 😭 224 days ago

shirt i like got destroyed in the washing machine T_T

ophanimkei 🤒 230 days ago

eternally resting <--- has illness

ophanimkei 💻 237 days ago

Everything is going to break for a second because I'm moving files around

ophanimkei 😭 246 days ago

JP test tomorrow.. ooh nooo

ophanimkei 😭 247 days ago

we can't wear headphones in the office anymore. all good things are taken from us

ophanimkei 🎮 268 days ago

Back on Sims 4 kick

ophanimkei 🥳 272 days ago

scheduled an eye appointment.. new glasses era soon

ophanimkei 🥳 279 days ago

LITTLE NIGHTMARES 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ophanimkei 🌱 302 days ago

I not updating website for a week

ophanimkei 🙂 310 days ago

i always want to code but i am so tired

ophanimkei 💀 310 days ago

every time i clean up the webring, i shout "the purge is complete" and then i immediately decompose

ophanimkei 😭 317 days ago

god reminding me i'm not as computer savvy as i think i am

ophanimkei 😴 321 days ago

i've been resting for days but now i'm tired of resting time to get back to work!!!

ophanimkei ❤️ 323 days ago

today someone messaged me they want to dress exactly like me T_T im so happy

ophanimkei 😭 324 days ago

meeting other lolitas in the wild when i am just vibing is sometimes not fun T_T

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