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24 (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

rolling my thoughts into a big ball and launching them into space


katamari 📚 6 days ago

subscribed to dracula daily this year but havent been keeping up with it at all :^/ gotta change that

katamari 😭 9 days ago

databases class is already kicking my ass LOL i truly didnt learn a single lesson from my self-sabotage in undergrad

katamari 🎶 32 days ago

sheena ringo i love you

katamari 📚 36 days ago

got into my masters program and instead of feeling good now im wondering if they just let any dumbass into their school

katamari 🎁 58 days ago

super sad to be back from japan but at least i get to spend the next two days going thru all of the dumb trinkets and merch i brought back

katamari 💀 95 days ago

masters applications feeling like medieval torture methods

katamari 🎮 129 days ago

really missing the mmorpg golden age

katamari 💤 134 days ago

birthday is finally over and i didnt cry this year 🤩

katamari 🍾 141 days ago

started the new year with a party and a new copy of crisis core reunion :^)

katamari 😶 144 days ago

why did 2023 have to be Like That

katamari 💤 146 days ago

weighted blankets are among the greatest inventions of all time

katamari 📺 148 days ago

sousou no frieren and the apothecary diaries are both so good!! i am well fed <3

katamari 🥺 163 days ago

lamenting the end of E3 and the fact that i never got to attend one

katamari 🤐 164 days ago

had a really embarrassing interaction a couple nights ago and i cant stop thinking about it 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

katamari 💀 165 days ago

just realized its exactly one month till my birthday ..... im gonna be sick

katamari 🙂 169 days ago

everything is going absolutely terribly yippee!!!

katamari 😶 170 days ago

back from ten days in spain and immediately bombarded with questions about the job hunt and masters degrees

katamari 💀 187 days ago

every time i drink lately i feel ridiculous amounts of dread afterwards even if i had sooo much fun in the moment ..... i have Got to stop

katamari 🎮 194 days ago

star ocean the second story R is soooo fun like i am addicted to forcing my party to make contraband

katamari ✈️ 198 days ago

truly nothing like the dread that comes with leaving nyc to return to my boring ass car-centric suburban hometown

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