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23 (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

rolling my thoughts into a big ball and launching them into space


katamari 💀 15 days ago

every time i drink lately i feel ridiculous amounts of dread afterwards even if i had sooo much fun in the moment ..... i have Got to stop

katamari 🎮 22 days ago

star ocean the second story R is soooo fun like i am addicted to forcing my party to make contraband

katamari ✈️ 27 days ago

truly nothing like the dread that comes with leaving nyc to return to my boring ass car-centric suburban hometown

katamari 😶 32 days ago

november 1st already ...... time does Not move slow

katamari 🌙 40 days ago

rest in peace atsushi sakurai ..... thank you for everything

katamari 🌧️ 42 days ago

im so tired of waiting for things to change, im starting to think itll be like this forever

katamari 🎱 44 days ago

i will figure it out in due time (and i will repeat that like a mantra)

katamari 💻 45 days ago

got a mechanical keyboard to use with my laptop while im at my desk and i feel like i have to relearn how to type

katamari 😴 47 days ago

sleep schedule is completely fucked and now im just sitting here

katamari 😭 56 days ago

so many games to buy and play, not enough time and money

katamari 🔥 57 days ago

i am trapped in a hell of my own making

katamari 🎶 60 days ago

new pinkpantheress song on loop 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

katamari 📺 63 days ago

binge watched castlevania nocturne and i cant believe that ending

katamari 💤 64 days ago

why does working out always have to render me immobile for the next week ...... like damn no wonder i dont do this more often

katamari 💀 67 days ago

job hunting is indeed comparable to medieval torture methods

katamari ✨ 70 days ago

honeybee inn section of ff7r is a fever dream

katamari 🎮 71 days ago

quit my job and finally resumed my ff7 remake playthrough 🤩 it is so over but also we are so back

katamari 💻 72 days ago

my html/css skills are sooo rusty but i missed frontend stuff so much <3 java haunts me

katamari 🎶 72 days ago

sing street feels like a hug ...... definitely one of The movies of all time