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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks 🥺 11 hours ago

cant stop thinking about zelda

splattacks 🤔 3 days ago

acho que álcool me deixa carente

splattacks 🙂 4 days ago

things are starting to look up again

splattacks 😭 11 days ago

devia ter seguido meu instinto e ficado em casa hoje

splattacks 🎮 16 days ago

totk has been so insane so far

splattacks 🤒 22 days ago

i need to take care of myself better i think

splattacks 💻 23 days ago

ok switching to Coding Mode. maybe expect a site update

splattacks 🤐 25 days ago

not looking forward to being inside a public bus for 2h straight today

splattacks ✏️ 27 days ago

IM FINISHED W UNI WORK (for now) yayyyyyyy <- still has many other responsabilities

splattacks ✈️ 32 days ago

PAKIDGE .............

splattacks ❤️ 34 days ago


splattacks 🥺 34 days ago

just had a gayass dream

splattacks 💀 34 days ago

mosquito bite on my lip???? what the fuck

splattacks 🤔 36 days ago

havingggg tempest thoughts. again

splattacks 🥱 38 days ago

esse sábado tá com cara de domingo

splattacks ✨ 41 days ago

extremamente boiolinha

splattacks 🤒 43 days ago

com medo & triste & carente

splattacks 🎮 46 days ago

the "i just want my daily win" -> getting stuck in a losing streak pipeline is real

splattacks 🥰 47 days ago

being normal about the new tears of the kingdom trailer

splattacks 😶 48 days ago

medo de ir pra faculdade hoje (e agora, sempre)

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