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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks πŸ’€ 1 day ago

not in the mood to work on uni projects today... but i Have To

splattacks πŸ₯± 4 days ago

these assignments from my illustration class are so boring to do... i'm almost finished though

splattacks 😭 4 days ago

I thought I was about to sleep well tonight but sudden wind gusts started. I am now paralyzed in fear

splattacks πŸ“– 5 days ago

eu tenho um monte de tarefa da uni pra fazer, então É CLARO que eu acabei passando o sÑbado lendo um livro de começo ao fim

splattacks 🀐 8 days ago

been stuck in a loop of catching myself thinking about her and realising oh man i like her dont i

splattacks ✏️ 11 days ago

storyboarding :] yippee

splattacks 😢 12 days ago

cada dia que passa mais eu tenho vontade de botar alargador na orelha (bem pequeno mesmo).. culpa da tempest

splattacks πŸ’” 14 days ago

i hate having responsabilities and needs i wish i could just play splatoon all day

splattacks 😎 15 days ago

gay shit drawn. good day

splattacks 😎 16 days ago

time to draw gay shit

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 17 days ago

preciso fazer as coisas da uni mas a vontade de continuar jogando splatoon 3 tΓ‘ me atrapalhando demais

splattacks ❀️ 20 days ago

my brain rn is literally just splatoon. holy shit

splattacks πŸ₯° 22 days ago

splat3 will be waiting for me when i get home from uni today... im so happy

splattacks 🀐 22 days ago

i'm SO IMPATIENT holy shit these last 13 hours are going to last forever

splattacks πŸ‘€ 23 days ago

im being so normal about the official splatoon map the devs dropped today

splattacks πŸ’» 24 days ago

today's class was cancelled so i get to spend more time working on my site :] oyeah

splattacks πŸ™‚ 24 days ago

had a nice day!! didn't expect to have such a fun time at today's class

splattacks 😭 25 days ago

felt like listening to the spiritfarer ost again and already cried on the first track. man

splattacks πŸ™‚ 26 days ago

some friends stayed over this weekend and we had a good time

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