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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks 🙂 24 days ago

finally braiding some bracelets again

splattacks 🙃 39 days ago

ngl i feel like shit

splattacks 💔 59 days ago

i miss spending time with my gf

splattacks 🥱 84 days ago

very very very tired

splattacks 🌱 96 days ago

my animal crossing island has once again been flattened. time to brainstorm layouts

splattacks ✏️ 100 days ago

im fighting for my life (lineart)

splattacks 🔥 103 days ago

calor eterno..... nenhuma chuvinha de verão........

splattacks 🙂 112 days ago

sexta não vou ter estágio!!!!!!!! amém

splattacks ✅ 122 days ago

re-greened my hair yippee

splattacks 💀 128 days ago

que dia horrível pqp

splattacks 💻 128 days ago

time to stop neglecting my site....

splattacks ☀️ 133 days ago

que calor da porra !!!!!

splattacks 🥱 172 days ago

só mais alguns dias.......

splattacks 🥳 172 days ago

new computer new me !!!!

splattacks 💻 173 days ago

my new computer will be assembled tomorrow! :D excited

splattacks ☀️ 192 days ago

been feeling pleased with life lately :)

splattacks 🤒 213 days ago

i am so looking forward to december

splattacks 🙃 222 days ago

do ppl really not care about me or am i just isolating myself

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