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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks πŸ’€ 254 days ago

im going to fucking kill the person behind me in the bus where are your headphones. whyare you watching a show without headphones in the bus

splattacks πŸ₯± 259 days ago

can this year end already

splattacks πŸ’” 265 days ago

another week is ending and im feeling heartbroken again

splattacks πŸ₯³ 273 days ago

im now on meds to treat my anxiety. W

splattacks 😢 275 days ago

yknow what its been over a month and i still have not gotten better im. idk what to do

splattacks πŸ™‚ 281 days ago

feeling a bit better today thankfully

splattacks 😭 284 days ago

sinto que desperdicei meu feriado

splattacks πŸ’€ 289 days ago

im not built for this im not built for this there is something wrong with me

splattacks πŸ€’ 291 days ago

longest sigh ever

splattacks πŸ’€ 294 days ago

caralho homem desagradΓ‘vel da porra

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 296 days ago

grown adults being immature as fuck i hate it here

splattacks πŸ€’ 298 days ago

ive been so unmotivated with uni

splattacks πŸ’€ 301 days ago

im pretty sure my thursdays are cursed

splattacks 😭 301 days ago

wish i was home with nothing to do at all

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 304 days ago

no no there is genuinely something wrong with me

splattacks πŸ’€ 307 days ago

im soooo done with sleeping alone i need company so bad

splattacks πŸ’€ 308 days ago

my self esteem has never been this low tbh

splattacks πŸ›Ή 309 days ago

gay thoughts. i love lesbiabs

splattacks πŸ€” 310 days ago

turns out that spending many hours feeling anxious as hell DOES get you very tired afterwards !

splattacks 😭 310 days ago

did not make the impulsive purchase bc i didnt have the time and its sold out now lol πŸ‘πŸ»

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