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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks 🥱 247 days ago

my brain isnt working properly today

splattacks 💀 252 days ago

ansiosa & cansada

splattacks 🌧️ 254 days ago

it is windy again......

splattacks 😭 255 days ago

worst thing about my internship is that I have to wake up at like. 7am </3

splattacks 🤐 256 days ago

im so bad at managing my time !!!!

splattacks 🤒 259 days ago

the new heartstopper season coming out today is actually the worst timing ever for me personally

splattacks 🌧️ 259 days ago

great start to the semester ! its the third day back and ive been crying for two hours

splattacks 🙃 260 days ago

i feel so stupid

splattacks 🧐 261 days ago

therapy day again. lets see how hard i cry this time

splattacks 💻 263 days ago

slowly getting back into coding

splattacks 🤒 271 days ago

ive been feeling so much lately. and i hate this uncertainty so much

splattacks 🙂 272 days ago

went on a triple date today LOL it was fun

splattacks 💤 276 days ago

i need to stop procrastinatinggggggg

splattacks 💀 277 days ago

porra eu PRECISO DE FÉRIAS JÁ e de preferência de uns 2 meses PUTA QUE PARIUUUUU

splattacks 😭 280 days ago

it fucken wimdy. kill me now

splattacks 😭 282 days ago

já tava me sentindo meio ansiosa essa noite e agora deu um ventinho. tô fudida

splattacks 🎶 283 days ago

3am. having mitsuki thoughts

splattacks 😭 288 days ago

theres still something wrong with me

splattacks 😭 290 days ago

theres something wrong with me today

splattacks 🤒 291 days ago

what does it mean when someone has been appearing in every dream youve had the last few days lololol (rhetorical question)

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