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i put a normal amount of thought into stuff


splattacks πŸ€’ 331 days ago

what does it mean when someone has been appearing in every dream youve had the last few days lololol (rhetorical question)

splattacks 😭 333 days ago

its friday again and i feel like shit again. but i cant skip classes this time around

splattacks πŸ‘€ 335 days ago

promising news!! i hope it works out

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 336 days ago

morrendo de insegurança <3

splattacks 😢 340 days ago

woke up feeling like shit today !i want to skip classes so bad

splattacks 🎁 343 days ago

PAKIDGE !!!!!!!! its coming......

splattacks 😭 348 days ago

help me im so lazy!!!!1

splattacks 🎢 353 days ago

making gay little bracelets >:] hehehe

splattacks πŸ‚ 356 days ago

good news today :) hope it works out

splattacks 😢 358 days ago

i have the urge to kill (woke up too early and can't fall asleep again)

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 359 days ago

this probably shouldnt be affecting my mood the way it is

splattacks 🎬 360 days ago

spiderverse is SO GOOD so fucking good dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

splattacks 🎬 360 days ago

so excited to go watch the new spiderverse tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! explodes

splattacks 🀐 363 days ago

eu tenho probleminha

splattacks πŸ™ƒ 363 days ago

im aware of and agree that you shouldnt expect people to answer texts within a time frame. however,

splattacks πŸ€” 363 days ago

hmmmm...... should i skip class tomorrow.........

splattacks πŸ₯Ί 364 days ago

cant stop thinking about zelda

splattacks πŸ€” 367 days ago

acho que Γ‘lcool me deixa carente

splattacks πŸ™‚ 368 days ago

things are starting to look up again

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