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Graphic design student and denpa turbo-loser.


melankorin 🙂 6 days ago

i got my sp ine igotm y orangec ru s h

melankorin 🙂 38 days ago

things could be better

melankorin 🙂 44 days ago

new hyperfixation acquired. it's uh... (shuffles notes) r.e.m???

melankorin 🌧️ 47 days ago

we don't know what tomorrow brings

melankorin 🌧️ 67 days ago

hoping for better days soon

melankorin 🙂 91 days ago

yeah no nvm again jekyll is slow :(

melankorin 🙂 94 days ago

nvm fuck this jekyll is good

melankorin 🙂 94 days ago

jekyll is fantastic, but id like something faster. im going to try to learn hugo and 11ty to see if they're good.

melankorin 🙂 96 days ago

What if you wanted to remake your website's layout but life says "no"

melankorin 🌧️ 147 days ago

You know the drill: still not dead, just busy and sad.

melankorin 🌧️ 170 days ago

Can I make everything else disappear?

melankorin 🙂 173 days ago

new toilet, same shit

melankorin 🙂 178 days ago

A strand of light suspended by a thumb tack in the drywall

melankorin 🌈 202 days ago

comment sections fixed

melankorin 🙂 205 days ago

AWESOME! The comment sections broke! Yippee!

melankorin 💀 215 days ago

I promise, I'm not dead, I'm gonna update soon lmao

melankorin ✏️ 223 days ago

still not dead just being absolutely decimated by creative block

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