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Graphic design student and denpa turbo-loser.


melankorin 🙃 245 days ago

I am not dead, I'm just busy. Expect an update next week.

melankorin 🙂 256 days ago

I'm starting to get unhappy with my layout. I'm not gonna change it for a while though, I need to prioritise content over aesthetics.

melankorin 🌧️ 265 days ago

why do i have to remember you?

melankorin 🙂 279 days ago

There is no motivator like spite

melankorin 🔥 284 days ago

I hated Ohio before any of you stupid kids did

melankorin 🙂 288 days ago

I've been hard at work on this website these days, so much so that I feel severely burnt out. I'll be taking a break. See you soon!

melankorin ☀️ 288 days ago

(realisation that i'll soon be 21) NO GO BACK GO BACK GO BACK GO BACK

melankorin 🧐 296 days ago

Is this what being a productive member of society is like? Man.... it sucks.

melankorin 😇 307 days ago

Every day be thankful that your thoughts aren't public.

melankorin 🙂 311 days ago

Is it bad I'm forgetting you ever existed?

melankorin 🙂 316 days ago

Sometimes you just... yknow?

melankorin 💀 323 days ago

goregrind vocals = the french language

melankorin 🙂 324 days ago

Implementing masonry layouts makes me want to explode the entire planet

melankorin 🙂 324 days ago

Implementing masonry layouts make me want to explode the entire planet

melankorin ☀️ 336 days ago

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

melankorin 🌙 337 days ago

The eternal battle between wanting to be recognised and wanting to disappear

melankorin 🌈 341 days ago

Good luck. You'll need lots of it.

melankorin 😇 351 days ago

Does anyone know where I can buy time?

melankorin 🌈 352 days ago

And we got the eyes to see another broken life that's full of all the awful things that I made

melankorin 🌈 355 days ago

How long will it take until you ruin things again?

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