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n0thsa 🥱 1 day ago

went to the pool again and i feel like i pulled an all-nighter. i just got blackout curtains delivered but still cant sleep :/.

n0thsa 🥳 3 days ago

i got my second monitor setup!

n0thsa ✨ 3 days ago

just went swimming again. it's always horrible after yet i continue.

n0thsa ❤️ 4 days ago

finally got myself my dream computer setup (minus the godlike computer)

n0thsa 💡 5 days ago

i made and pointed one of those scrolling text screens to the street

n0thsa ❤️ 6 days ago

i just met the sweetest cat

n0thsa 🙃 6 days ago

school sux (thank god its over)

n0thsa 🎶 7 days ago

vibing to music i haven't listened to in 5 years

n0thsa ❤️ 8 days ago

i love my cats sm

n0thsa 💀 8 days ago

i just got really impressed by a vacuum

n0thsa 🤩 9 days ago

addicted to beamng drive

n0thsa 💤 9 days ago


n0thsa ❤️ 9 days ago

helping my uncle build his website YAYAYYAYAYAYAY

n0thsa 😶 9 days ago

just got out of the pool and now im super tired

n0thsa 🥱 10 days ago

still tired but at least im awake

n0thsa 🥱 10 days ago


n0thsa 👽 10 days ago


n0thsa 🤔 10 days ago

looking at it, the bible and science are not in conflict and are intimately connected.

n0thsa 🙂 10 days ago


n0thsa 🍕 10 days ago

pizza on a saturday night

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