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im fourteen four!

i made my website with the intent of spotlighting my creative work, but after seeing a lot of other cool websites i wanted to set aside some space on it for my personal life too... this is part of that! ^_^

i seem to write a lot about food...


1444 💤 5 days ago

oldtwitter + new twitter domain not working on firefox is prob the last straw for me on that cursed site... waiting for bsky video uploads!

1444 ☀️ 10 days ago

job interview tomorrow.........

1444 🙂 14 days ago

Finished my paper!!! My last semester's officially over!!!

1444 🙂 15 days ago

made a soundcloud alt out of pure despair

1444 🌈 19 days ago

one final done! one paper left! one interview to go! gonna nap + make baked mac when i get home ~_~!!

1444 🥹 22 days ago

swamped for the next two weeks i just want to party and play and have fun..... thats for the entire rest of my life after work hours i guess

1444 💔 24 days ago

got a job interview but it's either the day before or after my graduation i CANNOT win!!!!!!

1444 🙂 25 days ago

getting poke for dinner :)

1444 🙂 30 days ago

had noosa yoghurt the other day as a treat and now i want sugar every dayyyy /(>_<)\

1444 🥗 33 days ago

cooking salmon w/ rice, kewpie mayo and cucumbers for dinner :) hoping to stay awake to finish homework + go to bed early...

1444 ✨ 34 days ago

happy 4/20! cleaning my room before bedtime :)

1444 🌧️ 35 days ago

had to say no to ice cream again today...!!!

1444 🌧️ 36 days ago

two weeks since i started lowering my sugar intake + getting more regular exercise... i miss ice cream