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Hi, call me Damiano. (he/him)

I like goth music and frogs.

Check out my neocities if you'd like to learn more.

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mayfrogs 🌈 3 days ago

i love being a man who likes men

mayfrogs 🤔 19 days ago

i want to make a page dedicated to my collections of things like mlp and retro viddy gaems etc but i gotta figure out how 2 format it...

mayfrogs 💀 24 days ago

sorry for the lack of updates, been overwhelmed with other things i've been doing x.x i'll work on my site more soon i hope

mayfrogs 😡 31 days ago

barely got any sleep last night bc on top of my sleep disorder my housemates decided to make as much noise as humanly possible this morning

mayfrogs 💀 39 days ago

reverse engineering is hard

mayfrogs 🔥 47 days ago

i hope every terf dies in a grenade explosion <3

mayfrogs 🌈 51 days ago

real bisexual hours

mayfrogs 🙃 54 days ago

everything is a lot

mayfrogs 💀 57 days ago

trying to reverse engineer unity based android apps for preservation purposes w v little C# knowledge... dying

mayfrogs 🌈 61 days ago

i dont have a spotify wrapped bc i download all my music but im glad ur all having fun

mayfrogs 🥰 62 days ago

my alpaca fleece blanket is the coziest blanket in the world it absorbs all my sadnesses

mayfrogs ✨ 69 days ago

my photoshop teacher gifted me a depeche mode poster! :O

mayfrogs ❤️ 70 days ago

cashier at the store recognized my Queer Vibe and we had a Queer Solidarity Moment

mayfrogs 😭 74 days ago

not a single sweet treat in the whole house.......disappointment

mayfrogs 🌈 76 days ago

i hope the people who requested the nadia theme like the one i made

mayfrogs 🙂 77 days ago

there we go, 3ds themes page has (slightly janky) page turning now. i'll make it more elegant later maybe

mayfrogs 👀 78 days ago

just finished another 3ds theme... will upload it when i have some extra time

mayfrogs 😡 80 days ago

theres a mosquito in my room and it's bit me no less than five times but every time i try to kill it it evades me

mayfrogs 😡 81 days ago

had to get off the train at the wrong stop and wait for the next one cause some asshole was smoking IN THE TRAIN

mayfrogs 😭 87 days ago

i want to make 3ds themes but i have Assignmence

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