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Just a lil queer artist and translator scurrying around doing stuff. I like strong and rough women characters with bruised faces, nu-metal music and plush cats. I also love real cats, but I'm allergic :(

Also currently drawing my own webcomic, Phototaxis of a Fighter. You can check it out on my website!


tarraxahum 🌧️ 80 days ago

could really use a rage room right about now, ngl

tarraxahum 🧐 126 days ago

Found an HTML/JavaScript/CSS manual on my bookshelf. It's from 2008. Oh how history repeats itself!

tarraxahum ✨ 143 days ago

Need to work on my pixel art so that I can join all those cute cliques...

tarraxahum 🤩 144 days ago

Linking all the sites I find cool on my page 'cause I lowkey want to be that rad too but I can't talk to people or code that well lol

tarraxahum 🙂 206 days ago

Finally finished Baldur's Gate 3. What year is it.

tarraxahum 😎 298 days ago

my friends envy my thunderstorm swag~

tarraxahum 🤩 307 days ago

Hyped up for Phantom Liberty like you wouldn't believe!

tarraxahum 😂 313 days ago

i've opened youtube and the first thing i see is someone's book review absolutely trashing a book that i just worked with for my job wheeze

tarraxahum 🙂 344 days ago

got myself a bunch of merch with my own art like a responsible creative adult

tarraxahum 🥰 345 days ago

I've discovered themes for Discord and I'm suddenly loving using the program now

tarraxahum 💀 377 days ago

i tried coming back to twitter with an art acc and it's already giving me a headache uuugh i just want people to see my art T_T

tarraxahum 🥰 408 days ago

I know I am the one who created my characters BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

tarraxahum 🔥 432 days ago

If there's one thing that I am, it's stubborn. If I believe in good things long and strong enough, they will happen. I will make it.

tarraxahum 🌈 442 days ago

somehow caught up with my deadlines and actually have time to breathe, i'm a happy lil bug

tarraxahum 😭 447 days ago

very sick very tired and the fact that I'll have to catch up with work when I get better is not making it easier aaaagh

tarraxahum 🥰 465 days ago

'this character did immoral things that, while explained, are not justified by their backstory' um YES AND?

tarraxahum 😭 472 days ago

tweaking my website instead of doing other productive things is becoming a problem

tarraxahum 😡 477 days ago

an embarassingly little amount of work done today...and only a headache to show for it, UGH

tarraxahum 😱 479 days ago

this damn second chapter will be 60 pages long at the rate I'm going

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