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Hi, I'm Sarah!! I'll make this pretty at some point 💜🌻🌿


fairyinkcaps 🌱 6 hours ago

May flowers grow from your footsteps.

fairyinkcaps ☀️ 2 days ago

Happy Summer Equinox!! ☀️

fairyinkcaps 🔥 5 days ago

I loathe wildfires with all my heart.

fairyinkcaps 🥰 6 days ago

Father's Day dinner was a success!~

fairyinkcaps ❤️ 9 days ago

I can't quit her (<center>)

fairyinkcaps 🙂 15 days ago

You would not believe the places my hunt for Sims 2 CC has taken me

fairyinkcaps 🥰 23 days ago

FALLOUT 76 CLERITH...........

fairyinkcaps 🌱 31 days ago

Nothing sweeter than the scent of springtime jasmine blossoming beneath the sun ❀

fairyinkcaps 🤖 35 days ago

Jenny Nicholson's Star Wars video is out, this is my Super Bowl

fairyinkcaps 😶 40 days ago

Luteal phase insomnia!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

fairyinkcaps 🌱 48 days ago

To be an Aerith stan is to be braver than the entirety of the Marine Corps

fairyinkcaps 🌧️ 52 days ago

The hardest part about being human is that we regret.

fairyinkcaps 📚 55 days ago

Finished rereading The Great Gatsby for the first time in who knows how long, need to lay down for a while

fairyinkcaps 😴 57 days ago

Busy but fun day!! Now I rest (_ _*) Z z z

fairyinkcaps ☀️ 65 days ago

Warmth of the sun kissing my skin, flowers blooming their sweet perfume... springtime

fairyinkcaps 😴 74 days ago


fairyinkcaps ✈️ 74 days ago

Anddddd that's a wrap, time to fly home!!

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