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ghostingpen ✏️ 61 days ago

i never thought i'd miss roleplaying with a community this much. my mental health is better again

ghostingpen πŸ’» 103 days ago

still living off the dopamine i got from an apple employee fixing my ipad's keyboard for free...

ghostingpen ✏️ 120 days ago

i hate tooth removal pain I JUST WANT TO WRITE AGAIN

ghostingpen πŸ’» 130 days ago

coding and working on my webbed site again!!! i’m back babey

ghostingpen ✨ 141 days ago

vibing in nyc for the weekend, hoping to get writing and coding done

ghostingpen 😴 171 days ago

anime boston was a huge success!! working on fanfic updates and coding over the next few weeks

ghostingpen ❀️ 187 days ago

on hiatus until mid-april! getting excited for anime boston

ghostingpen 😴 207 days ago

i really wanna play ffxiv rn but keybinding on a steam deck intimidates me

ghostingpen πŸ”₯ 213 days ago

i will unfollow you on nc if you’re playing hogwarts legacy. i’m not fucking kidding. i will not associate with people playing that shit.

ghostingpen 🌧️ 239 days ago

won't be able to work on my neocities much until i get my cosplays done for anime boston's cosplay events applications TT

ghostingpen πŸ™ƒ 255 days ago

can autoplay music please become less of a thing on neocities..........

ghostingpen πŸ‘½ 261 days ago

my latest hyperfixation being jerma985 is either doing wonders or horrors to my psyche

ghostingpen ❀️ 265 days ago

i could eat hot pot every single day tbh

ghostingpen 😑 268 days ago

i fucking hate having GERD!!!!!!!! can i please eat something without throwing up!!!!!!

ghostingpen πŸ’€ 271 days ago

juggling multiple hobbies can be so stressful sometimes ugh

ghostingpen πŸ™‚ 276 days ago


ghostingpen πŸ’€ 285 days ago

of course i fucking fall sick right when my holiday hours begin!! gonna be out of commission for a bit

ghostingpen ✨ 286 days ago

my company's having shorter work days every day for the next few weeks because its the holiday bless