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Purple Angel Wing Heart I'm not very good at talking about myself, but I'm a girl who loves the Internet who's just happy to be here. ^_^

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doctordizzy 🥰 1 day ago

My least favorite holiday is over!!

doctordizzy 🙂 3 days ago

my ears are ringing and they genuinely hurt. i hate loud noises.

doctordizzy 😴 3 days ago

I hope that I can sleep well tonight so that I can be more awake tomorrow.

doctordizzy 🤒 4 days ago

I'm sick af (cool), but also sick af (snot and also throat hurty)

doctordizzy 🎶 7 days ago

my mom gave me her old ipod nano. i don't really care for apple at all, but it's really nice to have a distraction-less mp3 player ^_^

doctordizzy 🙂 7 days ago

I hope that today can be a good day ^^ just need to get out of bed

doctordizzy 😭 9 days ago

Stressed and anxious and feeling very weird right now

doctordizzy 💀 15 days ago

took my adhd meds instead of my antidepressant. at 1am.

doctordizzy 😭 19 days ago

ADHD hyperfocus is a bitch and a half. Girl help I have so much to do but my brain doesn't let me

doctordizzy 🎨 21 days ago

I made a cursor for my site ^_^

doctordizzy 💤 23 days ago

So many things to do, and so little motivation to do them... I really hope that I can get things done tomorrow!

doctordizzy 💤 28 days ago

I'm actually sleeping well????? I think???? Still waking up at 11am??????? So I should probably fix that??? Somehow???????

doctordizzy 🙂 30 days ago

If I don't sleep well tonight, I am going to be so pissed

doctordizzy 😴 32 days ago

Depressed and tired. I hope that I feel better soon.

doctordizzy 🎮 36 days ago

Downloaded a new game launcher, and it's really good! ^_^

doctordizzy 😶 36 days ago

Feeling anxious for seemingly no reason...

doctordizzy 🙂 40 days ago

Procrastinated too much, but I'm finishing the thing, I think! I can do this!

doctordizzy 🤐 42 days ago

Guess I shouldn't buy Bayonetta 3 anymore. I hate it here.

doctordizzy 😶 44 days ago

Doing things is difficult and painful, but fuck I'm trying

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