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I've never been good at talking about myself, but hello! ^_^ I'm Dizzy, and that's really all you need to know about me. :P



doctordizzy 🍫 262 days ago

crying and sobbing over no chocolate. #justperiodthings. okay well we HAVE chocolate, but it's hershey's so we basically don't have any

doctordizzy ✏️ 265 days ago

more like naNOwrimo haha jk I'm writing over here

doctordizzy 🙂 265 days ago

nanowrimo day 2: still haven't done much

doctordizzy 😶 311 days ago

Overwhelmed and ignoring my responsibilities like a boss

doctordizzy ✈️ 358 days ago

In an airplane right now. I brought the files to my website(s) with me on a flash drive, so I will be able to work on them later :3

doctordizzy 💔 366 days ago

My webring got raided by like, a hundred spambots. Yikes.

doctordizzy 🎬 377 days ago


doctordizzy 😶 397 days ago

What the hell is a "Basic DNI criteria". Why do DNI lists exist. What.

doctordizzy 🍫 406 days ago

nvm i have cookies and more cookies and chocolate pretzels now today is officially decent

doctordizzy 💔 406 days ago

i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hate periods i hat

doctordizzy 🌈 414 days ago

I made a webring for women and fem aligned people that is trans-inclusive. I hope that it is a success!

doctordizzy 💔 427 days ago

Why not remake the MSX games instead?? Jesus fucking christ.

doctordizzy 🙂 440 days ago

So, things I need to do... Create a trans-inclusive women webring, and redo my site layout. I may be slow with updates while I work on both!

doctordizzy 🙂 443 days ago

i am planning to make my own women webring once i learn javascript ^_^

doctordizzy 🌈 445 days ago

Trans women are women, trans men are men, and I do not want to associate with anyone that believes the contrary.

doctordizzy 😶 445 days ago

I'm currently very anxious that I'm somehow doing something wrong,,

doctordizzy 🎮 451 days ago

Jack! Do you know what day it is today?

doctordizzy 🙂 466 days ago

i hate getting this stupid gemini server set up

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