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I've never been good at talking about myself, but hello! ^_^ I'm Dizzy, and that's really all you need to know about me. :P



doctordizzy 😶 433 days ago

huh? neocities isn't allowing me to post messages...

doctordizzy 💻 434 days ago

I got a new domain!!! I'm very happy about it!! Now, time to make a Gemini capsule... :P (Lie; homework comes first >_>)

doctordizzy 🎶 434 days ago

h4ppy n31l b4ng1ng out th3 tun3s d4y 4nd 4bsolut3ly noth1ng 3ls3 (happy neil banging out the tunes day and absolutely nothing else)

doctordizzy 💤 435 days ago

stop telling everyone i'm dead

doctordizzy 🙂 435 days ago

there's someone in my math class that's playing wizard 101 during class XD

doctordizzy 🙃 436 days ago

editing the css for mediawiki's vector skin should be considered cruel and unusual punishment

doctordizzy 💀 437 days ago

they should invent an adult who can sleep. i need sleep.

doctordizzy 🥱 438 days ago

just realized i might have to make an account on everyone's favorite disgusting website owned by a disgusting person. fuckin twitter.

doctordizzy 🤐 439 days ago

don't organize like 50,000 midi files. worst mistake of my life. i've only organized 2,000 so far.

doctordizzy 💔 440 days ago

huge fan of nuance. not a huge fan of social media culture all but killing it.

doctordizzy 🌧️ 444 days ago

depression, anxiety, and loneliness, oh my

doctordizzy 🥰 444 days ago


doctordizzy 🙂 447 days ago

disabled my discord account for the month of april. let's see if i can do this.

doctordizzy 🌈 447 days ago

it's trans day of visibility! the one day where i can see my trans friends before they become invisible again :p

doctordizzy 🙂 450 days ago

trans women are lovely <3

doctordizzy 🙂 455 days ago

convention time almost (⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)⁠ノ⁠*⁠.⁠✧

doctordizzy 🌧️ 463 days ago

i feel like shit. hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

doctordizzy ✏️ 473 days ago

i wish i could edit every single fanfic out there. how do you let these typos pass. how do you not see these grammatical errors. how.

doctordizzy 😶 478 days ago

If anyone wants my ability to cry, *please* take it. I don't like how I become illogical in favor of bawling my eyes out.

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