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I've never been good at talking about myself, but hello! ^_^ I'm Dizzy, and that's really all you need to know about me. :P


doctordizzy 💤 324 days ago

i am so so sleepy. soooo, so sleepy......

doctordizzy 🌧️ 333 days ago

another power outage?!

doctordizzy 🌙 336 days ago

i worry for minors on the internet. discourse, harassment, internet addiction...

doctordizzy 💻 342 days ago

installed linux mint on my new chromebook, and i wish there were a way to change the keyboard layout

doctordizzy 🙂 343 days ago

today was an experience! i'll write all about it in my html journal tomorrow!

doctordizzy 🎶 343 days ago

Merry Christmas, (and everyone else reading)!!! I'm listening to Christmas tunes on the radio!

doctordizzy ❄️ 345 days ago

The power is out, and it's very windy and cold. I don't like this ;;

doctordizzy ❄️ 345 days ago

i love the muppet christmas carol!

doctordizzy 🙂 346 days ago

In a VC LOL getting late

doctordizzy 🤔 348 days ago

I think that I should master CSS before I try anything else...

doctordizzy 🙂 353 days ago

i have accomplished Things!!!!

doctordizzy 🎁 353 days ago

i feel kind of christmassy and happy right now!

doctordizzy 💤 357 days ago

i want to do more things, but my bed is so warm... so, so warm...

doctordizzy 💤 361 days ago

i want to sleep well for once

doctordizzy 😇 362 days ago

Hyperfocus is a bitch... I hope that tomorrow will be good ^_^

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