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extremely okay poster


jwhighwind 🤩 9 days ago

omg did ya'll know drawing is kinda fun because I totally forgot

jwhighwind 🙃 13 days ago

why the hell do cool places always pop up in areas I live *after* I stop staying there

jwhighwind 💀 19 days ago

really feelin' the "work won't love you back" part of working my """dream job""" lately

jwhighwind 😛 23 days ago

going out exercising to improve health then coming back home to make two dozen sugary cookies for myself.......the duality of man

jwhighwind 😎 29 days ago

adult SFF book display at work, time for sicko mode

jwhighwind 🥱 34 days ago

always nice when an interesting dream immediately vaporizes itself the nanosecond you wake up

jwhighwind 😭 36 days ago


jwhighwind 💀 50 days ago

progressively distraught at how writing good original fiction requires you to Know Things

jwhighwind 💻 51 days ago

neocities machine broke?

jwhighwind 🏆 59 days ago

friendship ended with botw now sable is the goat of traveling videogames

jwhighwind 😛 67 days ago

well that was a short break

jwhighwind 🎨 70 days ago

I really gotta pick up drawing again

jwhighwind 🍱 72 days ago

hm, turns out eating six courses of Korean bbq will make you useless for the rest of the day

jwhighwind 🥱 86 days ago

six months left.......hopefully..........

jwhighwind 🎶 96 days ago

listening to a lot more music with lyrics, definitely a sign I'm at a new stage in life now

jwhighwind 🧐 105 days ago

does playing Dark Souls and SMT at once make me a True Gamer now

jwhighwind 🙃 109 days ago

uh oh its time for depresso

jwhighwind 🤩 111 days ago

omfg. I won't have to drive 40 miles to and back from work anymore. There's light at the end of the tunnel

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