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jwhighwind 💡 2 days ago

it's hard to get excited about much these days, knowing things could be so much better than they are.

jwhighwind 😶 3 days ago

July 4th might be a fake holiday, but at least the food everyone piles on is good

jwhighwind 😭 13 days ago

long-term power outage at my place….again

jwhighwind 😴 22 days ago

I think I'm pretty close to checking out of new videogames entirely at this point, sad to say

jwhighwind 🥳 28 days ago

turned 24 today, all the full-timers at my job signed a birthday card for me ;-;

jwhighwind 📖 31 days ago


jwhighwind 🔥 38 days ago

true cookie mix transcendence finally achieved

jwhighwind 🤖 43 days ago

finished a book about angry "morally grey" lesbians and got recced Diary of a Wimpy Kid...don't worry ya'll, the algorithms are working fine

jwhighwind ✨ 44 days ago

now up and running on the site! Now I just gotta think of what to do with the profile page here...

jwhighwind ✏️ 44 days ago

ok, let's see how this thing works