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jwhighwind 🧐 21 days ago

took me exactly five (5) days into November to realize it is, in fact, November

jwhighwind πŸ™ƒ 34 days ago

got 10 million ideas for new stuff on the site but zero motivation allocated to work on any of them

jwhighwind πŸ₯± 42 days ago

smells like autumn...

jwhighwind πŸ”₯ 51 days ago

one more god rejected

jwhighwind πŸ€’ 63 days ago

quadruple vaccine poke get

jwhighwind πŸ’» 69 days ago

getting the urge to mess around with RPG Maker again.....hmmmmmmmmm.....

jwhighwind πŸ₯± 74 days ago

it's too dark in the mornings again, blegh

jwhighwind 😴 80 days ago

me, writing a POV character who constantly insists she's tired: "yeah same sis"

jwhighwind 🌧️ 85 days ago

rainy season...

jwhighwind πŸ™ƒ 96 days ago

sucks that my actual name (γ‚Έγƒ§γƒŠγ‚΅γƒ³) is easier to use in Japanese than my nickname (ジェむーダバユ)

jwhighwind πŸ€” 99 days ago

why do double negatives make perfect sense when you write them but no sense when you read them

jwhighwind 😭 103 days ago

new car, no savings

jwhighwind πŸ₯Ί 110 days ago

wouldja look at that, it's "I wanna be good at fighting games again but can't invest the time" season

jwhighwind πŸ‘€ 113 days ago

@kino nice to see another fighting game liker around here!

jwhighwind πŸ₯Ή 114 days ago

new job interview went good!!

jwhighwind 😑 117 days ago

fuck cars, all my homies hate cars

jwhighwind πŸ€” 120 days ago

9000+ word essays aren't *that* long, are they?

jwhighwind πŸ“š 123 days ago

officially read more books this year than any year before!!

jwhighwind πŸ’» 124 days ago

I drafted out nearly 2,000 words today thanks to the all-powerful motivator of spite.

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