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jwhighwind 😛 22 hours ago

nowhere is the crisis of media literacy more evident then the people duped into believing cloud strife fought alongside sephiroth again

jwhighwind 😶 7 days ago

I have been yearning for colder weather lately and I'm not sure if this is the most profound betrayal of my younger self

jwhighwind 🤒 25 days ago

grad school classes sure are A Lot compared to undergrad, huh

jwhighwind 😡 27 days ago

the kids next door don’t know what Final Fantasy is…..truly, mainstream videogames have become uncultured

jwhighwind 🥱 40 days ago

sigh......back to zoom university for 2 more years......

jwhighwind 🤔 47 days ago

does wishing you had a tail make you a furry

jwhighwind 💀 54 days ago

the week after EVO weekend...the time where I always go "can I really devote this much time/effort to fgs again? ...nah" without fail

jwhighwind 🥺 64 days ago

life is generally pretty wack but then a little boy hugs you when you make his library card and things seem brighter for a lil bit

jwhighwind 🧐 67 days ago

ok Freya Crescent deserved better from FFIX, this creative block is over

jwhighwind 🥱 75 days ago

socmed devs, 2023: "ok twitter is dying how do we capitalize on this" "let's make our ux look exactly like twitter"

jwhighwind 🤐 79 days ago

is it petty to want reddit to collapse too so I don't feel obliged to ""moderate"" a tiny community

jwhighwind 😡 82 days ago

hostile game design is when they make it so all the enemies keep attacking while you try to take pretty screenshots

jwhighwind 🎨 93 days ago

there is much pain in my life but not in this redesign (much melancholy though)

jwhighwind 🌧️ 94 days ago


jwhighwind 🔥 103 days ago

got this weird need to write a soulslike story

jwhighwind 🙃 107 days ago

I'm 25. can I stop feeling like I'm in between stages of life now

jwhighwind 🤔 125 days ago

think it might be time for a site redesign

jwhighwind 🎮 136 days ago

*downloading sf6 beta* lord forgive me but its time to go back to tha old me

jwhighwind 🥰 150 days ago


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