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i'm sai! i like exploring the web & collecting nostalgic toys

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sai 🌧️ 1 day ago

having a really bad day today :(

sai 😭 5 days ago

watched new fionna and cake. im ill

sai πŸ™ƒ 6 days ago

feeling weird . gonna journal abt it later i think

sai 🎢 9 days ago

got tickets to miku expo! \m/(>_<)\m/

sai πŸŒ™ 11 days ago

as long as i know the shape of my soul, i'll be alright

sai 🌱 13 days ago


sai 🐢 14 days ago

falling into a rabbit hole of obscure virtual pets 𓆩♑π“†ͺ

sai πŸ’» 19 days ago

procreate dreams looks so good r u kidding me

sai πŸ«– 21 days ago

working & sipping some royal milk tea !! it's a goood day

sai 🎬 22 days ago

saw barbieheimer!

sai πŸ’€ 26 days ago

i've been so tired this week, running on empty. thank god for the long weekend

sai πŸŒ™ 29 days ago

falling asleep to the sound of crickets chirping with my cat curled up in my room. summers almost over .π–₯” ݁ Λ–

sai β˜€οΈ 30 days ago

recovering from a migraine i've had for a few days. feeling better today β˜…

sai β˜€οΈ 33 days ago

got a bsky invite from my boss πŸ™πŸ«‘

sai ✨ 35 days ago

i love my silly little plastic figures

sai πŸ“š 38 days ago

i've been journaling more often and its been doing numbers to my brain chemistry i fear

sai 🌧️ 40 days ago

it's a 'relaxing animal crossing music + rain sounds β™‘' kinda day

sai 🎢 41 days ago

prepping for meetings & listening to fiona apple

sai ✨ 42 days ago

added a mood indicator to my status page! its so cute ο½₯゚ο½₯\\(ο½‘βœ§Ο‰βœ§ο½‘)//ο½₯゚ο½₯

sai 🎲 42 days ago

the horrors persist but so do i

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