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i'm sai! i like exploring the web & collecting nostalgic things

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sai 🎶 3 days ago

finally got noise cancelling earbuds and its been such a huge game changer so far

sai ❄️ 15 days ago

snow in april is crazy work

sai 😡 16 days ago

usps fucking sucks

sai 🏆 26 days ago

was so brave today :)

sai 🎱 27 days ago

constantly missing past versions of me

sai ☀️ 30 days ago

currently in possession of ube ice cream 🍦

sai ❤️ 33 days ago

the love will always be there

sai 🎱 46 days ago

i dont know what to do with myself

sai 🐱 53 days ago

i love my cats

sai 🛹 73 days ago

dorohedoro brain worms..........

sai 🎱 78 days ago

ig it's back to the way things were

sai 🎶 82 days ago

i found my ipod from 2010

sai 🐱 83 days ago

daily i love my cats so much post

sai 🎶 84 days ago

guilty crown was such a mid show but the OST...... soo freaking good

sai 💤 86 days ago

so drowsy.... took an accidental nap

sai 💡 88 days ago

floating on the surface of my dreams

sai 💾 92 days ago

letting it linger today

sai 🍙 93 days ago

dont care + didnt ask + making a big soup for dinner

sai 🌧️ 97 days ago

sleepy rainy saturday

sai ⛳️ 101 days ago

a yellow submarine realm of mystery

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