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silas 💤 4 days ago

i'm so fucking tired of being so tired all the damn time

silas 🙃 10 days ago

tfw staying in current townhome for one more year due to the deadline smacking us in the face + us having done No work toward moving

silas 💀 13 days ago

just did my taxes and i have heartburn from how much i spent on medical shit last year

silas 😡 22 days ago

turbotax a BITCH

silas 👀 37 days ago

mi wile kama sona e toki pona!!!

silas ✏️ 39 days ago

toki pona time

silas 🧐 39 days ago

what if i get into toki pona...

silas 😭 41 days ago

thanking my Goddess that the colonoscopy is over, i slept most of yesterday LMAO

silas 🥳 42 days ago

colonoscopy complete! ate sonic, went home, made coffee, immediately took a nap (without drinking the coffee)

silas 🙃 43 days ago

tonight has been lowkey hell and i'm anxious about the results of tomorrow's colonoscopy...

silas 💀 44 days ago

bf making me and our roommate and our friends in from out of town watch my drawings princess movie (2023). Again.

silas 💀 44 days ago

colonoscopy on monday... and all liquid diet tomorrow... ough

silas 👽 47 days ago

2 days to staycation... can't come soon enough

silas 🛼 48 days ago

broke my damn shoe at work fucking fuming

silas 🤔 50 days ago

genuinely considering the fact i may have ocd... :hmm:

silas 👀 51 days ago


silas 👀 58 days ago

just ordered new glasses from zenni! EXTREMELY excited about them (even tho i couldn't find my newest prescription...)

silas 👽 59 days ago

hello world!