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ig: moonpr1sm neopets: moonpr1sm see ya!


moonpr1sm 🌧️ 3 hours ago

big time rain

moonpr1sm πŸ₯Ί 1 day ago

Off to the dentist - ugh I can’t wait for all the work on my teeth to be done

moonpr1sm 🌈 1 day ago

day off - i feel okay! gotta go to the dentist soon but for now i'm just drawing and listening to music

moonpr1sm πŸ₯± 2 days ago

feeling a little under the weather? not sure if that or just tired but either way I am making Minestrone and watchin Adventure Time tonight

moonpr1sm 😭 2 days ago

nostalgia hole - in I go

moonpr1sm 😎 3 days ago

So happy my cat is gonna be ok!!

moonpr1sm 🐱 3 days ago

yesss my baby kitty is gonna be ok!

moonpr1sm 😭 3 days ago

please send me good luck - I had to take my kitty to the ER because it looks like she’s having an allergic reaction

moonpr1sm 🎨 3 days ago

at work but mostly been drawing all day!

moonpr1sm ❀️ 4 days ago

yayyy time to spend time with my beautiful partner

moonpr1sm 🎢 4 days ago

working on guitar parts with my friend today!

moonpr1sm πŸ™‚ 5 days ago

ugh i hate the lab ray on neopets - when will i learn??

moonpr1sm πŸ₯Ή 5 days ago

A super nice person working at Jo-Anne’s gave me a great discount on these awesome markers randomly

moonpr1sm β˜•οΈ 6 days ago

Sunday site updates + going to get coffee with some friends soon

moonpr1sm πŸ€– 6 days ago

time to celebrate with friends!!

moonpr1sm πŸ₯± 7 days ago

ughhh I wanna go take a nap so bad!! Just a few more hours

moonpr1sm πŸ‘½ 7 days ago

everything has been so busy this week!! Hope to have a little downtime tomorrow

moonpr1sm πŸ₯± 7 days ago

havin goblin time

moonpr1sm 🌈 9 days ago

yeah yeah yeah yeah gonna make lemon pasta tonight and hang out with my friend!

moonpr1sm πŸ™‚ 9 days ago

Weekend plans are coming together!

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