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hello! i'm MOONPR1SM and I make art, music, and lately I play a lot of animal crossing. i'm currently open for art commissions!


moonpr1sm ✨ 6 days ago

dreamed i had a baby sister named Jupiter but everyone called her June

moonpr1sm πŸ™ƒ 9 days ago

JS lessons are making my brain hurt

moonpr1sm πŸŒ™ 9 days ago

eclipse was still cool even if all we really saw were clouds

moonpr1sm 😱 14 days ago


moonpr1sm 🌧️ 16 days ago

playing a gig tonight! hope the rain doesn't deter too many ppl

moonpr1sm 😭 17 days ago

dentist tomorrow ;( my teeth suffering never seems to end

moonpr1sm 🌈 19 days ago

look up β€œwacky live” on YouTube

moonpr1sm β˜€οΈ 21 days ago

okay, study...then coffee...then walk to go get my contacts

moonpr1sm 😱 22 days ago

JavaScript was fun until the math started getting...mathier

moonpr1sm πŸ‘€ 24 days ago

time to start getting my shit together

moonpr1sm ❀️ 25 days ago

orange pineapple juice

moonpr1sm ❀️ 27 days ago

partner's birthday weekend!! we had a really fun party last night and a bunch of plans this whole weekend

moonpr1sm πŸ™‚ 29 days ago

fully back in stardew mode even though i have too much stuff to do lol

moonpr1sm πŸ’€ 29 days ago

i'm so out of it today

moonpr1sm πŸ™‚ 31 days ago

so tempted to get back into stardew valley for the new update

moonpr1sm 🌈 31 days ago

band practice & maybe a beer!

moonpr1sm πŸ₯± 32 days ago

why am i trying to study when i should go to sleep

moonpr1sm πŸ₯Ή 32 days ago

the sound of the dial-up internet song literally makes me tear up lol

moonpr1sm ✏️ 33 days ago

gotta finish some commissions this week + make stickers

moonpr1sm πŸ• 33 days ago

yesss we're gonna go get pizza!

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