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I’m just here


reverieve 😴 1 day ago

maybe it’s just that I’m a creature of habit but I struggle with changing things on the blog, even if I think the change is good

reverieve ❤️ 3 days ago

moomins on the brain

reverieve ❄️ 7 days ago

I’m plastic-wrapped in apathy and cannot wiggle my way out rn

reverieve 📖 17 days ago

forgot my headphones, so I can’t audiobook while I work today…🫠

reverieve 🐱 20 days ago

al is sick rn, so I’ve been sitting by him while he eats. wil is NOT happy about this “preferential treatment” & cries until I sit with her

reverieve 🧐 21 days ago

(avoiding eye contact with my responsibilities) maybe I should learn shorthand, that could be so useful

reverieve 🍏 23 days ago

feeling a bit lost

reverieve 🤔 25 days ago

friend told me that she always thought I “exuded cat energy” even when I was very much in my ‘not a cat fan’ phase. crazy intuition??

reverieve 🤐 32 days ago

had so much fun yesterday but am battling the WORST case of post-event embarrassment; I should not be allowed to talk to anyone ever

reverieve 🙃 37 days ago

for most tasks, I overestimate the difficulty. not laundry. laundry seems like a 1 hour event, but is really 85 mini-tasks & 3000 years long

reverieve ✨ 40 days ago

lie on the bed with the lights off. the sun comes thru enough to illuminate, but it’s still quietly dim. wind chimes are singing outside.

reverieve 🌙 43 days ago

too tangled up in doubts

reverieve ❤️ 47 days ago

the way my tortie will always leave if I instigate a cuddle, but then come back to wedge herself under my arm & sleep for an hour

reverieve 🎶 48 days ago

(bad week) —> (new chappell roan song) —> (good week)

reverieve 🐱 50 days ago

sometimes stuff really sucks…but at least it’s my cats’ birthday tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get them some fun treats to celebrate

reverieve ❤️ 54 days ago

first hummingbird of the season!!!!!

reverieve 🤖 55 days ago

sometimes u learn a sad lesson about undeveloped film & airport x-rays machines in real time (I was so excited about those photooooos 😭)

reverieve 🎬 55 days ago

back to the 45:10 method for the weekend family event: socialize for 45min in an arc, disappear for 10 to recharge, repeat on loop

reverieve 🥰 61 days ago

friend: I thought it would thrill you to know that I made a reservation • me: it REALLY does

reverieve ☀️ 63 days ago

amazing what the weather will do for my mood I am utterly unstoppable right now

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