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I’m just here


reverieve ✈️ 11 days ago

nothing like the bonds forged bw people who r all on the same delayed transfer flight trying desperately to navigate an unfamiliar airport

reverieve 😡 12 days ago

flight delay my mortal enemy

reverieve ⛳️ 20 days ago

i think i am playing Calvinball against the world

reverieve 😭 25 days ago

into the depths of hell (hair salon) go I, to face my dark & terrible trials (2 & 1/2 hours of small talk)

reverieve 🎨 27 days ago

wonderful silhouette of the thing you desired; something you thought you could have, but now has you

reverieve 💀 28 days ago

me all week: I’m going to sit down and respond to emails this evening! ☺️ • the evening: 😐 no

reverieve ❄️ 36 days ago

too flimsy or vitreous, unraveling with ease: tissue paper, teacup, snowflake, sugar cube

reverieve 🧐 40 days ago

the mail service works in such mysterious ways

reverieve 👽 49 days ago

the longing to join or create a d&d campaign is creeping over me again…and yet I do nooooot have the time

reverieve 🌱 62 days ago

I am trying in big and small ways! I am failing in big and small ways! I am succeeding in big and small ways! (head in hands)

reverieve 🙃 81 days ago

there’s just never enough time

reverieve 🧀 86 days ago

made pasta from scratch the other night!

reverieve 🧐 89 days ago

at work wearing brown slacks & a green cardigan, feeling cute. my coworker: “you kind of look like shaggy right now…” thanks??? I think

reverieve ✅ 99 days ago

getting back into daily wordle & sudoku

reverieve 💀 104 days ago

oh god what do you MEAN it’s already Wednesday again??? help the days start coming and they don’t stop coming

reverieve 🍱 108 days ago

attempting new recipes but I’m a terrible cook so it’s always a 70/30 shot

reverieve 🌧️ 112 days ago

more likely than you think to find me crying in the parking lot on lunch break to both sides now by joni mitchell

reverieve ✈️ 118 days ago

why do I torment myself with caffeine when I’ve already got pre-travel jitters? well, I just don’t know

reverieve 🛼 124 days ago

trying new things this week & it’s going…well? kinda wild

reverieve 🛹 131 days ago

always ready for my 00s movie record scratch moment

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