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I’m just here


reverieve 🍞 76 days ago

I have to pep talk myself before a grocery store run - I hate the grocery store!!!! I always forget something…

reverieve 💤 76 days ago

waiting for an album drop but I’m so tired help

reverieve ✏️ 78 days ago

accumulation of empty journals should count as a hobby in and of itself

reverieve ❤️ 79 days ago

slow blinking at my cats is part of my daily routine - I need them to know that I love them

reverieve 📰 79 days ago

they should invent a new system of days of the week that doesn’t make me feel like I’m stuck in a time loop

reverieve 💾 80 days ago

being stuck in the office when it’s this beautiful outside makes me feel like [terrible static noises]

reverieve 🐱 81 days ago

tomorrow is Monday….my Garfieldisms…

reverieve 📚 82 days ago

finishing this tiny bookstore is a psychological need at this point

reverieve 💀 83 days ago

bad anxious writing feelings, googly googly go away

reverieve 🎶 83 days ago

best thing ever when a favorite band does a demo release of a song I love

reverieve 💡 84 days ago

need to find a big hill and roll down it until I come back to myself

reverieve 🔥 85 days ago

I would eat like forty fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal cookies at once if given the chance

reverieve ☀️ 85 days ago

can’t wait for it to be cooler so I can play pickleball again

reverieve 😱 85 days ago

I get so so so so so nervous sending emails

reverieve ✨ 86 days ago

links back to my blog post????? omg omg omg!!! 😭💕✨

reverieve 📖 87 days ago

had to temporarily banish myself from some webbed sites for my own good

reverieve 🎱 87 days ago

needing a sign… (or tbh - to just make a decision!)

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