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melon 😎 22 days ago

Remembering being a moody teenager sitting in the back of the car with my headphones on listening to the SimCity soundtrack

melon ☀️ 31 days ago

I went on a day trip to the seaside today! It rained a lot, but it was sunny a lot too!

melon 😭 344 days ago

I had a difficult bus adventure..

melon ☀️ 356 days ago

I am extra busy this month! I hope everything goes well!

melon 🧐 442 days ago

I had a successful bus adventure yesterday!

melon 💔 444 days ago

I tried getting on a bus today, but I got lost and it ran away :^(

melon 🌧️ 504 days ago

I went for a big walk, and ate fish & chips in the rain!

melon ⛵ 512 days ago

I went for a nice sunset walk today :^}

melon 🥳 521 days ago

Today went well!

melon 🌙 529 days ago

I love hot water bottles! :^}

melon ❄️ 563 days ago

I am cold! :-S

melon 🤩 596 days ago

I am super hyped for no reason!!!

melon 😡 599 days ago

Ugghhh why is it 2PM!!!

melon ✨ 688 days ago

I dropped a bottle of syrup and now the floor is a sticky galaxy of glass shards, its beautiful!

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