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melon 🀩 22 days ago

I am super hyped for no reason!!!

melon 😑 25 days ago

Ugghhh why is it 2PM!!!

melon ✨ 114 days ago

I dropped a bottle of syrup and now the floor is a sticky galaxy of glass shards, its beautiful!

melon 😱 142 days ago

There are spiders everywhere!

melon πŸ€” 143 days ago

Sometimes I'm wonder'n things but other times I'm not?

melon πŸ“– 147 days ago

It’s zine day if you’re in Glasgow!

melon 😯 160 days ago

Apparently to map the synapses of a single human brain, you'd need more computer storage than exists on earth today :^O

melon πŸ₯° 171 days ago

I made soup :^}

melon πŸ€” 173 days ago

Today I learned that there are GIANT isopods! I am both worried and intrigued :^O

melon πŸ₯³ 177 days ago

My first public speaking event went well!

melon ✈️ 185 days ago

On my way to London! zoooooooooooooooom :^O

melon 🌱 189 days ago

If everyone had a pet cactus they had to carry around, the world would be a better place :^3

melon πŸ• 195 days ago

I made pizza for dinner.. I mean I made.. a pile of pizza ingredients :^(

melon 🍿 199 days ago

On my way to Dublin!

melon πŸ‘½ 209 days ago

I put some cool patches on my bag :}

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