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melon β˜• 177 days ago

People make coffee cake but no one ever makes tea cake :O

melon 😭 181 days ago

Some things seem like they should be easy, but they are not :S

melon πŸ“Ί 183 days ago

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z! Now I know my ABCs I am going to watch TV

melon πŸ€– 190 days ago

Iv been on Zepeto a bit too much today...

melon 😱 192 days ago

Aaahhhhh my soup exploded!

melon πŸ€” 202 days ago

Why do the things I wanna buy and the money I have never seem to match :S

melon πŸ‘€ 209 days ago

Watched AmΓ©lie for the first time in many years!

melon 😴 215 days ago

Ozwomp's Voyage for iPhone is done! Now just waiting for it to be approved *phew* :S

melon 🍱 225 days ago

Im making more soup :-}

melon πŸ’‘ 255 days ago

I am thinking of a cool mini project!

melon 🌧️ 264 days ago

I burned my soup :^[

melon πŸ€” 272 days ago

Soooon the new year will arrive and I must plan for it!?!

melon ✏️ 289 days ago

A new melon update! Added Malvina Reynolds page and toned back the homepage :^)

melon πŸ”₯ 295 days ago

I feel I have officially earned my hacker stripes today!

melon 😭 295 days ago

Im sorry m15o! ;D

melon πŸ”₯ 296 days ago

I visited Melon's profile!!

melon πŸ™‚ 296 days ago

Whats new? The sky is blue! ... what that's not new... aaaaaahhh

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