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autistic emo star witch (they/she/he)

*vampiric android transhumanism pending


unfortunateaccident 🎶 18 hours ago

maidcore has to be one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard

unfortunateaccident 😭 2 days ago

worrying myself sick, it feels as if i'm about to give a presentation

unfortunateaccident ❄️ 3 days ago

stood outside in the flurries... it never snows here anymore...

unfortunateaccident ✨ 9 days ago

holiday season? WRONG it's fucking meteor shower season idiot

unfortunateaccident 😴 13 days ago

god gives me her toughest ibs battles. i am her strongest ibs warrior.

unfortunateaccident ✨ 15 days ago

yo that girl 7 years ago was right, kino's journey was a great rec

unfortunateaccident 💻 19 days ago

can't believe how much fuckin fun that project was and how proud i am

unfortunateaccident 🌙 23 days ago

overcoming crippling phobias (going for a little walk outside)

unfortunateaccident 💤 24 days ago

i hate having a normie sleep schedule i'm gonna sabotage it

unfortunateaccident 🙂 27 days ago

got that coding dawg in me, but no small projects left, so i did css here instead

unfortunateaccident 🙂 28 days ago

happy veterans day remember to thank your local murderer

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