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autistic emo star witch (she/they)

Enter UA's Sanctuary...


unfortunateaccident 🍞 8 days ago

some days i can't mentally handle eating and it's been 3 in a row

unfortunateaccident 🎨 12 days ago

thinking about abandoning stem for art even tho i'm shit at art and i already have a degree

unfortunateaccident 🌧️ 13 days ago

omg i can't handle phone calls. i've been staring at the keypad for 2 hours

unfortunateaccident 🥰 16 days ago

therapist told me i give avril lavigne vibes and i'm healed now

unfortunateaccident 💤 27 days ago

feeling out of place. a secret child in the attic. they avoid talking about me.

unfortunateaccident 🌙 45 days ago

prob the most anxious i've been in nearly a decade. eclipse is cool tho

unfortunateaccident 😭 63 days ago

nail polish on 1 (ONE) finger peeled all the way off i'm devastated

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