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kafei ✏️ 14 days ago

today's a crying girl with crayon kind of day

kafei 🐶 16 days ago

hi i do not want to work pls send help

kafei 🌧️ 17 days ago


kafei 😱 35 days ago


kafei 🎶 39 days ago

going to a concert tonight hehe

kafei 🥱 43 days ago


kafei 🤩 48 days ago

so hyped for zelda!!

kafei 😭 51 days ago

妈妈呀 明天是年度绩效评,希望快点过去

kafei 🤩 57 days ago

was looking for an easy-to-use ASCII art editor, found out about JavE (www.jave.de), works well on M1 even if its last update was in '09

kafei 🥱 64 days ago

이번 하루 아주 기~~네, 지겹고

kafei 🥱 72 days ago


kafei 💡 75 days ago

might get another shot sooner than expected!

kafei ✨ 85 days ago

let's go !! I can do this

kafei 🎶 89 days ago

다시 나타난 내 친한 친구 생일 선물로 콘서트 티켓을 샀어, 빨리 만나서 선물 주고 싶다 헤헷

kafei 🥳 89 days ago


kafei 🤩 98 days ago

She's back again ! I had missed her

kafei 📖 100 days ago

spent the whole weekend reading manhwas

kafei 💔 109 days ago

아 난 너무 지찔해 진짜 왜 그래

kafei 🤖 111 days ago

I guess it wasn't my time yet

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