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kafei ✨ 88 days ago

good thing comeback is before my exams

kafei ☕️ 112 days ago

just drank 3 cups of coffee in a row, about to spend a funky afternoon

kafei 🤒 147 days ago

trying to cut back on social media

kafei 🥹 175 days ago

will i ever get out of crochet jail?

kafei 🧐 288 days ago

only 3 days left at my first ever adult job

kafei 💡 299 days ago

need to think of what my next crochet project will be

kafei 🐱 428 days ago


kafei 🙂 465 days ago

watched dnd yesterday, such a fun movie!

kafei ✏️ 490 days ago

today's a crying girl with crayon kind of day

kafei 🐶 492 days ago

hi i do not want to work pls send help

kafei 🌧️ 493 days ago


kafei 😱 512 days ago


kafei 🎶 515 days ago

going to a concert tonight hehe

kafei 🥱 519 days ago


kafei 🤩 524 days ago

so hyped for zelda!!

kafei 😭 527 days ago

妈妈呀 明天是年度绩效评,希望快点过去

kafei 🤩 533 days ago

was looking for an easy-to-use ASCII art editor, found out about JavE (www.jave.de), works well on M1 even if its last update was in '09

kafei 🥱 540 days ago

이번 하루 아주 기~~네, 지겹고

kafei 🥱 548 days ago


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