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I'm A YouTuber, Comedian and Old school Webmaster.


trebleknight 🙂 38 days ago

I just learned that Firefox send was forked, and is now just send. This makes life so much easier XD

trebleknight 😎 70 days ago

Got an email offering me free samples if I featured there products in a video. Only problem is I don't want any of there products XD

trebleknight 🌙 75 days ago

The eclipse is making think about the avatar 2 prater "The day of black sun

trebleknight 🙂 78 days ago

Gotta say, I really prefer to linktree even thought I think Liktree has a better name XD

trebleknight 🙂 151 days ago

Ok, status.cage page is set up. It'll probably change in the future, but for now it's good.

trebleknight 😎 152 days ago

Gonna try using Status Cafe more