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hello i'm monica...꒰ ᐢ。- ༝ -。ᐢ ꒱
thanks for coming by.

currently i am
watching scott pilgrim takes off
previously i was
  • reading donna tartt's the secret history
  • Statuses

    mn1ca 😭 3 days ago

    need to clean out my google photos b/c it's taking up over half of my drive atp but looking at old pictures will give me psychic dmg

    mn1ca ✨ 5 days ago

    made my status cafe spiffy yay! ... huh? finals?

    mn1ca 🤒 6 days ago

    my ability to independently get into my apartment now rests on usps' shoulders

    mn1ca 😛 11 days ago

    bombed 2 midterms in a row but i'm free~ee~e!

    mn1ca 🙂 20 days ago

    i would be a supergenius if i hadn't been eating microplastics since conception

    mn1ca 🥱 24 days ago

    dropped my freaking croissant sandwich on the ground! is god real?