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Ya like flowers? Why not take a look at mine?


pepyo 🔥 19 hours ago

23 candles today! soon those gay little overalls will be mine

pepyo 😶 1 day ago

character flaw: i consider myself ambitious yet am incredibly sleepy

pepyo 😭 4 days ago

ugh, i'm too young for my shoulders to be hurting.

pepyo 🌱 6 days ago

applying bugspray to my legs got me feeling the same way crickets feel

pepyo 😛 8 days ago

feeling oh so terribly stupid all the time

pepyo 🍕 11 days ago

this breakfast sandwich will surely fix me

pepyo 😶 12 days ago

roe v. wade has just been overturned...

pepyo 😶 13 days ago

oh boy, were in for it again aren't we?

pepyo 😶 14 days ago

google, how to fix sleep schedule?

pepyo 🥺 15 days ago

baby assassin snail. so cute so small

pepyo 🍕 17 days ago

gonna try to watch an anime on my phone! doing that just sounds comfy

pepyo 🙂 18 days ago

i went outside for less than 2 minutes and i already got 2 new mosquito bites, what the hell !!!

pepyo 😱 18 days ago

seeing a shrimp climb almost fully out of the water is terrifying in a unique way. you're typically a wet beast, so get back into the water!

pepyo 🙂 18 days ago

augh, i feel bad for missing when my friend would come, but theyre coming back tomorrow !!!

pepyo 😯 21 days ago

i wanna see mama skrimp and her babies!!

pepyo 🙂 22 days ago

maybe this is my sign to take a break from practicing proportions

pepyo ✏️ 22 days ago

to be good at drawing you have to continually draw, but drawing also makes me feel so tired...

pepyo 😡 23 days ago

all these mosquito bites im getting is probably gonna be a hell of a way to find out i have type O blood

pepyo ✅ 24 days ago

my review of sky: cotl is now on my website !!

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