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Ya like flowers? Why not take a look at mine?


pepyo 🌈 2 days ago

never a better day to spend studying outside

pepyo πŸ˜‚ 8 days ago

"your bed has become the most comfortable bed in the house" lol

pepyo 😭 15 days ago

eeee ahhhh ooof this jacket is so pain on my body

pepyo πŸ€’ 28 days ago

eurgh, this headache is killing my thoughts right now. hopefully a good sleep when i get home will fix it

pepyo 😭 31 days ago

various things just have not gone my way today. uuuuugh.

pepyo πŸ€’ 35 days ago

ough, this place hurts my head. not feeling great because i had a test earlier and i want to know my results NOW!

pepyo 😑 37 days ago

My mind is full of fuck yet again

pepyo πŸ₯± 41 days ago

what a crazy week...

pepyo 😭 42 days ago

i wanna continue playing Octopath Traveller: Champions of the Continentℒ️, but i can never quite find the time

pepyo πŸ€’ 44 days ago

this year gonna give me a heart condition fr

pepyo 🍫 48 days ago

I should really bring more library friendly snacks with me...

pepyo 😭 49 days ago

my mind is full of FUCK

pepyo πŸ˜‚ 50 days ago

these girls are getting no studying done what so ever lol

pepyo 😑 50 days ago

i think its stupid, professor also thinks its stupid, yet i still have to do these god darn readings

pepyo 😭 51 days ago

if god creates only perfect creatures why do i keep choking on my own spit

pepyo πŸ“° 51 days ago

e-mail jumpscare

pepyo 😑 55 days ago

no brain fog today, but i got a canker sore and its bothering the hell outta me !!

pepyo 😭 56 days ago

This brain fog really kicking me in the ass

pepyo 😴 56 days ago

first time ive woken up feeling like shit, pray i'll get some good sleep in the car

pepyo 😱 58 days ago

never looking at the youtube comment section for a commentary video ever again

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