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pepyo 💔 23 days ago

i am attractive to the wrong kind of women (mosquitoes)

pepyo 🌮 50 days ago

did someone eat my last cannoli....?

pepyo 🍱 54 days ago

cant tell if these noodles r still hot or its just the spiciness

pepyo 🍦 54 days ago

wish i had more twix

pepyo 🍱 57 days ago

yaaaay cheesy rice

pepyo ✏️ 60 days ago

gonna do a big candle run, cross fingers for job interviews, and try to sleep early

pepyo 💔 60 days ago

job search MACRO hell. the hell is very big

pepyo 🍱 61 days ago

cereal at almost 4 am

pepyo 🙃 62 days ago

i wish i had brain bleach, but i guess ill try to forget about what i just read the normal way

pepyo 🎮 64 days ago

canker sore is still being mean to me. in other news, Hades is really fun!

pepyo 🍶 64 days ago

strawberry milk doesnt taste like strawberries but they sure do taste like pink

pepyo 🤒 65 days ago

wish this canker sore would go away

pepyo 💔 65 days ago

waaa i cant wait to see my cousins again

pepyo 🙂 65 days ago

i can feel the vision loss setting in

pepyo 💀 72 days ago

job search micro hell

pepyo 🎮 78 days ago

man, this is the second time this game crashed on me. maybe its a sign to take a break...

pepyo 💀 82 days ago

"what a week huh?" "captain, it's tuesday" this is how im feeling right now

pepyo 🌧️ 85 days ago

mmmh, lovely rain noises tonight

pepyo 💀 88 days ago

distinct moment where i want to die. i need academic help...

pepyo 🙂 88 days ago

CRISIS AVERTED, pencil was just in a different part of the case

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