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pepyo ✨ 22 hours ago

woke up feeling nice about how i looked, even if i had bed-head hair

pepyo 🥺 3 days ago

you know, if writing this is gonna make me cry, i shouldnt do it just before a class is going to start

pepyo 😭 3 days ago

last night i went to sleep crying, and now i feel like... not good

pepyo 😭 3 days ago

odd feelings are back. agh, i thought I was over this.

pepyo 🍕 4 days ago

nyaaah, im already kinda hungry

pepyo 🥳 4 days ago

i did well on my midterm exam!

pepyo 🤖 4 days ago

2,000 malware and die...

pepyo 😶 5 days ago

local girl-thing sits down for 3 hours and does nothing

pepyo 🔥 7 days ago

pray to god that i did at least a decent job on that exam. FUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

pepyo ☀️ 11 days ago

i wish i were a cosmic entity. eternally inspiring, only able to feel that which is beautiful. but i suppose we wouldn't be friends then

pepyo 🤐 11 days ago

ugh, my brain is tingling with odd feelings

pepyo 😡 11 days ago

this doesn't mean things are going to change between you two... so, stop overthinking...!

pepyo 🔥 17 days ago

So much shit to do. ALL THE TIME.

pepyo 😭 19 days ago

laptop it would be so cool if you could survive on 15% battery for the rest of this class

pepyo 🤔 25 days ago

there is evidence to suggest that all of the blood that should be in my head, isnt there

pepyo 🥱 30 days ago

my dumb ass needs to stop yawning

pepyo 😱 31 days ago


pepyo 😭 32 days ago

i think i gotta accept that my thoughts will always be at war with each other

pepyo 😭 33 days ago

someone across this floor held their phone at just the perfect angle to shine the sun reflection directly into my eyes

pepyo 🥹 33 days ago

the prospect of finally having one place to put all of my clothes is upon me... eventually

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