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pepyo πŸ’€ 1 day ago

ink or sink, and i certainly do feel like sinking

pepyo πŸ’€ 2 days ago

hard to believe that the semester is ending soon. i feel like im barely afloat

pepyo πŸ₯Ί 5 days ago

I hope he’s doing okay…

pepyo πŸ’€ 9 days ago

ughhh i overslept

pepyo πŸ₯± 11 days ago

sleepy. but i have a full day of classes today. sleeping early last night seemed to fail

pepyo πŸ’€ 11 days ago

i have to stop doing this, it keeps sending me down a small obsessive spiral

pepyo πŸ’€ 18 days ago

ughh. sudden onset of stress. too many classes to worry about. i want this semester to be over

pepyo πŸ’€ 23 days ago

ah shiet, i forgot to charge my laptop last night

pepyo πŸ€’ 23 days ago

tummy hurt… hopefully this subsides or i can survive long enough

pepyo 😭 24 days ago

i wanna go hoooooome!!!!!!!!

pepyo πŸ₯± 24 days ago

not feeling great today, but at least i'll be able to go home early

pepyo 😭 26 days ago

im not ready to go back to uni

pepyo πŸ™ƒ 26 days ago

tummy hurting a little

pepyo πŸ’€ 29 days ago

my legs have a lot of lil bruises, and the medicine im using is burning my skin…

pepyo πŸ’€ 36 days ago

i *want* to say that i did okay on the rest of the questions but... hhhhhhh

pepyo πŸ€– 36 days ago


pepyo ❄️ 41 days ago

i would like it if we could meet in person, even if just once

pepyo 😑 43 days ago

i can't remember if i put down the wrong answer, and i cant tell if i'd get full credit for an answer that was close to being right. hate.

pepyo πŸ’€ 50 days ago

this class sucks

pepyo πŸ’€ 53 days ago

got an anxiety spike thinking about my data structures class... i hate when grade announcements come so late.

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