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Ya like flowers? Why not take a look at mine?


pepyo 🙂 3 days ago

puss in boots fan located (heard something whistling Death's tune)

pepyo 🤒 4 days ago

i feel tired. and sick. not a great combo

pepyo 🔥 5 days ago

"youre my daughter, youre supposed to copy me" said in reference to me bouncing my leg. i think i might start biting peoples' fingers off

pepyo 💾 5 days ago

this motherfucker been playing VR chat for 6 hours!!

pepyo 🥱 7 days ago

i've been sleepy all of the time lately. bad news since i gotta draw up a birthday gift!

pepyo 😭 16 days ago

I just have to survive one more day until spring break... Also thank goodness for my tendency to hoard free pads

pepyo 😴 19 days ago

i just have to survive one more week and then i can hibernate

pepyo 😴 21 days ago

i got some work to do. and a game to play in a few hours. but i am also so sleepy right now

pepyo 📺 22 days ago

bitches who cry the moment someone says "i'm learning to fight like you" (me)

pepyo 😭 26 days ago

eee ahh oof eyelash in my eye i think

pepyo 😡 32 days ago

the idea that people can just sit down and *do* work astounds me. can we trade brains please

pepyo 🤒 32 days ago

thinking i got a little too much faith in people for this position... and its a test day

pepyo 😭 33 days ago

oughhh im in over my head today

pepyo 🤒 33 days ago

one of those times where my heart is beating out of my chest, auuuhahahughhhh

pepyo 😴 41 days ago

i inch closer and closer to retiring from this volunteer thing. life would be a lot simpler that way, argh

pepyo 🤖 47 days ago

seeing other nerds in public be like... how to perform telepathic nerd-to-nerd communication

pepyo 🍔 60 days ago

I wanna knaw on something tasty

pepyo 😭 61 days ago

I left my water bottle at home waaaahaha I'm so thirsty

pepyo 🙂 65 days ago

I come out of this situation victorious (used public bathroom unscathed)

pepyo 🎶 66 days ago

Gemini, do or die, buh buh buh...

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