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Ya like flowers? Why not take a look at mine?


pepyo 👽 36 days ago

ohhhh today better not be a tummy disaster

pepyo 🔥 38 days ago

casting penis explosion on everyone around me in a fit of rage

pepyo 🌧️ 40 days ago

oh my GOD is it raining hard

pepyo 😭 40 days ago

wistfully thinking about the better drawing tablet that i could have... it would even fit in my backpack, auck

pepyo 😶 41 days ago

kind of disappointing to see how much AI art is being featured on deviantart.

pepyo 🔥 42 days ago

clutching my heart and fuckig DYINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

pepyo 💤 45 days ago

to be loved is to be changed, indeed...

pepyo 💀 48 days ago

to alleviate pain, apply palm directly to forehead 🤦🏻

pepyo 😭 49 days ago

evaluating how well you did on a test is hard when you don't even remember the questions

pepyo ✏️ 57 days ago

study study study (can finally make use of my wealth of flash cards)

pepyo 😡 58 days ago

i need to get more neurotypical NOW!

pepyo 🔥 58 days ago

im going to flip my lid once i start doing the next set of readings

pepyo 📚 59 days ago

getting an RSS feed reader is nice, honestly

pepyo 😂 62 days ago

uh oh neocities, you better not be shitting yourself! 🗞

pepyo 🍔 64 days ago

appetizing food videos are the temptation which makes the next meal sweeter, as they say (no one says this)

pepyo 🍱 65 days ago

got an odd craving for instant mashed potatoes

pepyo 🙂 70 days ago

puss in boots fan located (heard something whistling Death's tune)

pepyo 🤒 70 days ago

i feel tired. and sick. not a great combo

pepyo 🔥 71 days ago

"youre my daughter, youre supposed to copy me" said in reference to me bouncing my leg. i think i might start biting peoples' fingers off

pepyo 💾 71 days ago

this motherfucker been playing VR chat for 6 hours!!

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