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pepyo 😡 60 days ago

I fucked up on that quiz question. FUUUUCK!

pepyo 💀 60 days ago

exhausted and my head kinda hurts. hopefully lunch fixes this

pepyo 💀 64 days ago

i just want everything to slow down

pepyo 💀 70 days ago

so many jobs i do not yet qualify for. gotta scour for internships

pepyo 💤 70 days ago

i think my problem is that i keep getting lulled into false senses of security. oyasumi

pepyo 💀 74 days ago

physics homework going to be the death of me

pepyo 💀 74 days ago

starting to regret goofing off yesterday. augh.

pepyo 📖 76 days ago

50 minutes...

pepyo 💀 76 days ago

hrnngh 20 more minutes. let me out of here! ... and i still have 1 more class today!

pepyo 💀 76 days ago

"what a week huh?" captain, its tuesday

pepyo 📱 81 days ago

6 more minutes

pepyo 😭 81 days ago

let me freeeeee.... 50 minutes to go, argh

pepyo 💤 81 days ago

urgh, i didnt sleep well last night

pepyo 😱 82 days ago

i hope i get a good grade on this essay. i hope my tone doesnt get misread as dismissive

pepyo 🥱 83 days ago

40 more minutes until i can get out of here and get my prints!!!

pepyo 📚 84 days ago

one of these texts is not like the others

pepyo 💀 84 days ago

a decent night's sleep doesn't negate the dread, unfortunately

pepyo 😭 84 days ago

i feel like many of my woes about college could be solved if my undiagnosed ass could read assignments and do shit on time

pepyo 📚 88 days ago

head no longer hurty. still have a full day ahead of me tho. read read read read

pepyo 💔 88 days ago

i wanna take some pain meds to get rid of this headache but i think people wont look to kindly on me popping pills in the middle of class

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