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Ya like flowers? Why not take a look at mine?


pepyo 🤒 114 days ago

this year gonna give me a heart condition fr

pepyo 🍫 118 days ago

I should really bring more library friendly snacks with me...

pepyo 😭 119 days ago

my mind is full of FUCK

pepyo 😂 120 days ago

these girls are getting no studying done what so ever lol

pepyo 😡 120 days ago

i think its stupid, professor also thinks its stupid, yet i still have to do these god darn readings

pepyo 😭 121 days ago

if god creates only perfect creatures why do i keep choking on my own spit

pepyo 📰 121 days ago

e-mail jumpscare

pepyo 😡 125 days ago

no brain fog today, but i got a canker sore and its bothering the hell outta me !!

pepyo 😭 126 days ago

This brain fog really kicking me in the ass

pepyo 😴 127 days ago

first time ive woken up feeling like shit, pray i'll get some good sleep in the car

pepyo 😱 128 days ago

never looking at the youtube comment section for a commentary video ever again

pepyo 🙂 128 days ago

i need everyone around me to stop making body noises immediately

pepyo ❤️ 128 days ago

if the going keeps being like this i may develop a heart condition

pepyo 🎁 131 days ago

consumer mode activated

pepyo 😛 135 days ago

tummy ache crisis averted

pepyo 😶 135 days ago

i think i could be capable of many things if only i had a stable and clear mind all the time

pepyo 😱 136 days ago

i aint ever seen a hair with more split ends

pepyo 💀 138 days ago

walking around 300 meters sure was daring, but it also wasnt that fun... just hope no one knocks me out of the gym there

pepyo ✨ 138 days ago

going to try and be daring and go on a walk to the fish hatchery

pepyo 🤒 139 days ago

all of these assignments are making my chest feel tight. pray to god it gets easier in the coming days

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