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pepyo 🤔 131 days ago

jeez, did a mosquito get me on my hand or something?

pepyo 🙂 133 days ago

crisis averted! no one took the jacket!

pepyo 😱 134 days ago

FUCKK, i left my jacket in the library but i cant miss class. praying that no one takes it by the time i can get back

pepyo 😭 136 days ago

dreading having to write an essay for a topic i dont really care about

pepyo 😱 137 days ago

graaaah, I've got my work cut out for me this week

pepyo 💤 140 days ago

i think i went to sleep earlier than i usually do, but i still want nothing more than to lie down anyways

pepyo 💀 142 days ago


pepyo 😭 142 days ago

i decided to sleep in on the week end, and paid for it by having to go thru a philosophical journey at 10 pm

pepyo 🍫 144 days ago

still thinking about the horse divorce (hors d'oeuvres) served at that wedding. they were soooo good...

pepyo 😭 144 days ago

oh boy, can i actually sit down and read today?

pepyo ✨ 146 days ago

woke up feeling nice about how i looked, even if i had bed-head hair

pepyo 🥺 148 days ago

you know, if writing this is gonna make me cry, i shouldnt do it just before a class is going to start

pepyo 😭 148 days ago

last night i went to sleep crying, and now i feel like... not good

pepyo 😭 148 days ago

odd feelings are back. agh, i thought I was over this.

pepyo 🍕 149 days ago

nyaaah, im already kinda hungry

pepyo 🥳 149 days ago

i did well on my midterm exam!

pepyo 🤖 150 days ago

2,000 malware and die...

pepyo 😶 150 days ago

local girl-thing sits down for 3 hours and does nothing

pepyo 🔥 152 days ago

pray to god that i did at least a decent job on that exam. FUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

pepyo ☀️ 156 days ago

i wish i were a cosmic entity. eternally inspiring, only able to feel that which is beautiful. but i suppose we wouldn't be friends then

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