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piece of shit screaming into the void cos it has nowhere safe to cry


clamo 🌧️ 6 days ago

i am to the point i have been making a list of people who will need to be notified if/when it happens

clamo 🌧️ 6 days ago

i think im approaching the end

clamo 🥳 7 days ago

wasnt publicly humiliated at my interview this time yay (my standards can only be raised by the deepsea challenger herself)

clamo 🌧️ 9 days ago

ill never be happy again

clamo 💀 9 days ago

i dont have a key (door auto-locks) or fob (they shut off the keypad) so i can't go and smoke a cigarette or get a beer to drown my sorrows

clamo 💀 9 days ago

im too depressed to even play with the cat. i just want to decompose.

clamo 💔 9 days ago

no waayyyyyy my gf just blamed me for her dropping smth and then walked out the door for work without saying goodbye 💀

clamo 😭 10 days ago

why are my lawyers so rude and obtuse with me ;;_____;; they clearly think im gonna lose my case but refuse to tell me ;;___;; wanna die ;-;

clamo 😭 11 days ago

can clamo conquer xyr agoraphobia long enough to make it thru an interview this week and back? place your bets now

clamo 😭 11 days ago

possible interview but it's a normie white woman clothing stores so they'll prob decline me based on my rough appearance

clamo 💀 13 days ago

living hell living hell maybe this is hell maybe i succeeded in 2019 and this is all just my eternal punishment for the crimes of my birth

clamo 💀 13 days ago

lord give me the courage to take matters into my own hands i cant keep holding out for a better tomorrow

clamo 💀 14 days ago

the worst part abt being publicly humiliated at my local art supply store? out of a color... so i have to order? i want to d*e :)

clamo 🙂 19 days ago

im sorry rocky. i really tried. im sorry for breaking my promise. i just dont have the strength to keep fighting.

clamo 🙂 19 days ago

im sorry for wasting everyone's time and energy. im sorry for the food ive eaten, the water ive used, the space ive occupied

clamo 🙂 19 days ago

i have so many pills i can take. hell, ill take hers too. she fucking owes me

clamo 🙂 19 days ago

she keeps saying horrible paranoid shit and i try to calmly work her down but then she turns around and insults me and gaslights me

clamo 🙂 19 days ago

what if i just killed myself now instead of waiting to be denied disability

clamo 🔥 24 days ago

if my prev boss fucking around with my life screwed me over from disability i can't guarantee the building will still be standing by 2025

clamo 💀 24 days ago

disability income requirements are ludicrous; even if i worked 40 hrs at my last job it wouldn't be a livable. last year i made 30% living

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