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( xe / he / they it ) ♡ 20-something
please be nice to me i have autism


clamo 🙃 7 days ago

ex totaled his car n his abusive ass had me on it ofc n im dealing w his insrnce calling instead of email even tho im DHH n deadnaming me :)

clamo 🙂 13 days ago

everything is my fault. i am the source of pain and sorrow in the universe. i should be eliminated for the betterment of humanity.

clamo 🙃 13 days ago

i'm just gonna work my body to breaking i guess since my gf can't be bothered to get a job

clamo 🙃 13 days ago

loooooooove dealing w my gf being shitty while also dealing with my boss who is just mean to me AND now my ex who crawled out of the gutter

clamo 💀 20 days ago

i want to crawl out of my skin

clamo 💀 22 days ago

my boss stopped* calling me she/her by just...not using pronouns for me at all (*we'll see lol)

clamo 😭 22 days ago

boss has been so MEAN to me lately and she apologizes but im convinced she will just give up on apologizing like she gave up on my pronouns

clamo 😭 28 days ago

forgot how to draw again

clamo 😎 31 days ago

using boomer emojis to establish dominance over my coworkers

clamo 💤 33 days ago


clamo 🙃 35 days ago

love how my boss has just been aggressively gossiping about me and shamelessly misgendering me to everyone...

clamo 🙃 35 days ago

boss's excuse for always misgendering me is that i "use too many pronouns" (he/they) u decided 2 just use smth completely different??!

clamo 💀 36 days ago

lol my health rapidly deteriorating throughout this work day is my divine retribution for being such an unlikeable bitch

clamo 🙃 36 days ago

on top of all my other stresses my boss has been pulling a fucking heel turn on me with wages and scheduling and my gender and boundaries..

clamo 😭 36 days ago

i wish my s.o. wasn't so obstinate and moody w me l8ly. ive been supporting her working xtra w her hrs being cut and im so exhausted...

clamo 🥹 39 days ago

i found a law firm who will take my fucking disability case!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clamo 💔 40 days ago

there is no hope

clamo 💀 41 days ago

love how i have to pathetically crawl on my hands and knees and BEG for help from people who see me as lesser scum

clamo 💀 41 days ago

looking back at my wretched day i realize the disability attorney who i spoke to today was actually being incredibly ABLEIST towards me...

clamo 💔 41 days ago

im fighting so hard and the battle has been pointless from the start. i persevered against my better judgment. maybe it's time to give up...

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