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( xe / he / they it ) ♡ 20-something
please be nice to me i have autism 18+


clamo 💀 23 hours ago

im decomposing in real time and everyone is just spraying air freshener at me

clamo 💀 23 hours ago

i want to tear my skin off

clamo 🌱 18 days ago

made funny cookies again for the first time in a while :,) still trying...

clamo 🌧️ 19 days ago

im trying not to let this all get to me because i KNOW it isnt my fault but that doesnt change the material reality of my life being a mess

clamo 🌧️ 19 days ago

i wonder if anyone at my old work cares that i suddenly got fired. is anyone concerned? are they judging or assuming anything? so isolating

clamo 🎨 20 days ago

well i guess now that ive lost my job i can try to finish A Drawing

clamo 🙃 21 days ago

lmao my boss impulsively fired me

clamo 😭 24 days ago

my boss suddenly snapped on me and has been extremely abusive, trying to exert control to an inappropriate extent, and frankly i am appalled

clamo 😭 26 days ago

counselor call my physical pain caused by mental illness "chronic pain" is crazy cos i thought mine didnt count cos it was mentally triggerd

clamo 🙃 29 days ago

pharmacists are the worst out here. one always comments how i take a ton (fuck you lady) and a different one today rolled her eyes at me

clamo 😭 29 days ago

why does everyone in seatte treat me like such shit? it's making me angry and paranoid. am i being targeted? profiled? why me?

clamo 🤐 31 days ago

calling random pharmas to find who has my Rx in stock... it feels weird... it feels like im trying to find a dealer... always changing...

clamo 🔥 38 days ago

two fucking years of this shit!!! if i had the keyfob w me id have run down there and just beat him senseless

clamo 🔥 38 days ago

there's a dude who passes thru the alley making cuckooing noises (usually between 1am-4am) and honest to god i want him to suffer and die

clamo 💀 49 days ago


clamo 😭 49 days ago

i hate it i hate it i hate how ppl have noticed i stopped eating and are giving me food out of concern and it makes me feel so guilty

clamo 🤐 49 days ago

i wish i could fully express to someone how i feel about the world and myself without potentially being institutionalized

clamo 🙃 49 days ago

everyone is pushing and prodding me closer to the edge

clamo 🌧️ 49 days ago

i feel so viscerally unloved and misunderstood

clamo 🌧️ 49 days ago

there's no place for me in this world

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