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the ultimate spell


ultima ✏️ 2 days ago

my pencil broke so I retaliated by buying a new sketch book

ultima 🌧️ 5 days ago

watching the skies once more... formed right out of nowhere too!

ultima 🎮 8 days ago

time to afk and let the bony boys do their thing

ultima 🎮 11 days ago

exciting gaming week ahead let's start with some mogtomes and diablo iv

ultima 🤖 12 days ago

TAMA CONNECT this really is the year I get back into old hobbies fr

ultima 🌙 14 days ago

no pretty lights, but I got to see some stars in a clear new england sky last night so that's good enough for me

ultima 🤩 16 days ago

"some gremlin" that one's my favorite

ultima 🌧️ 19 days ago

watching the skies from afar

ultima 😴 21 days ago

stayed up way too late because this season of 90 day fiance is a DISASTER and I couldn't look away

ultima ☀️ 26 days ago

no turkey alarm clock this morning, but still up early enough

ultima 🌈 30 days ago

one of the dentists at the office yesterday loved my gay bag and told me all about their stuff like a bisexual perler bead pikachu necklace

ultima 💔 32 days ago

misread a recipe, time to see how disastrous this tastes

ultima 🧋 33 days ago

idk what they were thinking with "matcha" and "sparkling" together for it does not work

ultima 🤩 34 days ago

you ever just chop off two feet worth of your hair and suddenly the weight of the world feels so much lighter

ultima 🌙 35 days ago

oh no at being awake at midnight on a day I want to run errands

ultima 🌱 36 days ago

in remembrance

ultima ✨ 38 days ago

filling out my new sticker book

ultima 💀 39 days ago

back on the season grind for diablo iv... can't wait for it to be over!!

ultima 😇 41 days ago

dnd today, my aasimar has done nothing wrong in her life ever (fact check)

ultima 🌈 42 days ago

put together my new pin bag it is very gay and rainbows (also eeveelutions)

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