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i am a water/dark type


seafare ✨ 9 hours ago

hatched one of my DREAM SHINIES TONIGHT!! shiny girl rowlet!! she came home on the 1664th egg! YAYYY

seafare 😶 3 days ago

been feeling really down so im trying to take care of myself today

seafare ✨ 5 days ago

ran into three random shinies (a lechonk and two deerlings) while hatching rowlet eggs lmao

seafare 🤩 7 days ago

that mall sangria has HANDS

seafare ✏️ 8 days ago

started working on the second volume of my story today :D

seafare 🌈 10 days ago

i caught so many shiny slowpokes!!! i'm so happy!!!

seafare ✨ 10 days ago


seafare 👽 15 days ago

it's been so long since i planned out a trip..... my brain is buzzing

seafare 🍺 16 days ago

mmmm night meats

seafare ✨ 17 days ago

finally got a shiny male corsola in pkmn crystal YIPPEE

seafare 🍔 18 days ago

laaazy day

seafare ✨ 21 days ago

got a shiny chinchou yesterday and a shiny sentret today, pkmn crystal is going good

seafare ✨ 23 days ago

yes the horrors are indescribable but you've got to serve

seafare 😎 27 days ago

finally got my glasses prescription updated, i put it off for YEARS

seafare 🌈 29 days ago


seafare 📚 31 days ago

researching totodiles again ehehehe

seafare 🍺 32 days ago

ate a truly daunting amt of chicken nuggets

seafare 🥺 33 days ago

ppl were NOT kidding, the fe: engage hater to lover pipeline is so real

seafare ❤️ 35 days ago

my friends rly liked my writing project im so happy :3

seafare 🥳 36 days ago

finished my recent writing project yayay 25k words long babey

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