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i am a water/dark type


seafare 🤩 114 days ago

sadako and kayako... the legends that u are...

seafare 🍔 117 days ago

i've been so busy lately but im finally cooking up something i prommy

seafare ✏️ 139 days ago

feels good to be writing again :D

seafare 🍺 142 days ago

first week of 2024 was kinda rough but we stay silly

seafare ❤️ 157 days ago


seafare 🌈 166 days ago

i love winning

seafare 🌙 168 days ago

can cresselia please visit me in dynamax adventures pleeeaseee

seafare 💀 169 days ago

trying to meet my daily writing quota but people keep interrupting me augh

seafare 🌈 173 days ago

excited for the indigo disk :3

seafare ☀️ 174 days ago

melancholia CANCELLED - my friend sent me the CUTEST PACKAGE EVER, THANK YOU BREE!!!!!!!!

seafare 🌧️ 174 days ago

the melancholia is winning today i fear

seafare 🤐 178 days ago

approaching odds on this shiny regirock hunt... ruh roh

seafare 🌈 181 days ago

im in the top 0.005% of florence + the machine listeners... as i should be

seafare ❤️ 186 days ago

baked pokemon-shaped cookies today

seafare ✨ 188 days ago

theres so much stuff that i wanna do lately

seafare ☀️ 192 days ago


seafare ☀️ 195 days ago

i need it to be the weekend pleaseeee

seafare ✨ 200 days ago

finished up the gen4 part of my ribbon master quest!

seafare 💤 204 days ago

so busy...

seafare 🍷 210 days ago


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