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uh some guy who likes programing and games


wlodekm 😡 4 days ago

i hate blackouts

wlodekm 🙂 6 days ago

Firefox's "Download website - complete" my belowed

wlodekm 🙂 7 days ago

i exist now

wlodekm 🍕 12 days ago

i would really go for sum pizza rn

wlodekm 😡 16 days ago

i hate fixing bugs in the library i'm using

wlodekm 💻 17 days ago

finally got the electricity!!!11 gonna play some halflife probably

wlodekm 🥳 18 days ago

styled my page in status.cafe (finally)

wlodekm 🍕 18 days ago

just ate som piza

wlodekm 👀 27 days ago

Just remembered that i made a status.cafe account lmao will update if remember