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furbee ✨ 3 hours ago

I want to set up a last played song widget... but idk if the world is ready for my music taste...

furbee 😶 14 days ago

They should invent labs that don't make you feel like you've been crucified after!!1!

furbee 🤒 29 days ago

It appears my statistics class is going to be more difficult than I thought...

furbee 👽 37 days ago

hate when uni makes you use your full name to setup accounts for random services!! :( I don't really want this random app having my name!!

furbee 📖 41 days ago

Not ready to go back to class just got back into hobbies I put off last sem UGH

furbee 📺 232 days ago

Excited about the new JJK season!! They added so many fun details in just the first episode!