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hi! i'm ava, 27 // The current mood of daintyeco at www.imood.com


daintyeco 🐶 292 days ago

sadly, my dog passed away on tuesday.

daintyeco ❤️ 311 days ago

one exam done, one more to go before i come back to website making

daintyeco 📚 322 days ago

studying & largely unavailable!

daintyeco 🌙 324 days ago

i'm dropping by to post some of my thoughts on the pub 8)

daintyeco 🙂 342 days ago

this month will be spent on studying and touching grass, so i will be quiet online for a few weeks <3

daintyeco ❄️ 345 days ago

sometimes i just wanna delete it all and severely limit access to me, when i should actually do the opposite

daintyeco 👀 347 days ago

i seem to have this magnetic pull on people both online and offline currently

daintyeco ❤️ 347 days ago

time to play bg3 and meet friends at the café later

daintyeco 🤩 351 days ago

i ordered the next expansion for the blaustein castle :) means there will be new content for the brick building journal on my site soon-ish

daintyeco ☀️ 352 days ago

in time, it will be fine

daintyeco 🤔 353 days ago

some people really put your button on their site that features their most dehumanizing views about people like you. and for what

daintyeco 🌈 355 days ago

reworked my background shelf, added wife site <3

daintyeco 🎬 356 days ago

i will be seeing barbie today with my girlfriend <3

daintyeco 🤐 357 days ago

verification marks look so tacky now and a site i use just gave one to me unprompted and it's lowkey embarassing

daintyeco 😶 359 days ago

frankly a humiliating ordeal to realize and admit you're somehow burning out from a job you deem 'too easy'

daintyeco 🌧️ 362 days ago

reworking parts of my site, feeling a little down!

daintyeco 🐶 363 days ago

it's filou's birthday today :)

daintyeco ✨ 364 days ago

this is your reminder that you can block site elements with ublock origin via the dropper. shop icons, radars, recommendations.. 0:)

daintyeco 🙂 365 days ago

made my first css crime on cohost yesterday :) my pinned introduction!

daintyeco ☀️ 366 days ago

the internal battle of moving everything to 1 service vs branching out so not everything at once is lost

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