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hi! i'm ava, 27 // The current mood of daintyeco at www.imood.com
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daintyeco 🌧️ 2 hours ago

my brain is hurting me. time for exercise, good food, and cleaning to get rid of the demon

daintyeco 🥗 1 day ago

like ummm what am i supposed to eat now. i don't even know what groceries to buy now that i am so over this staple food

daintyeco 🥗 1 day ago

i hate this autistic thing when u've exhausted eating what u've been obsessed with the past few months, but don't have a new one yet lol

daintyeco 🥳 1 day ago

will hand in my assignment tomorrow. happy and lucky. cool hobbies, intact mental health, sweet gf, healthy dog

daintyeco 🤩 4 days ago

steam deck arrived <3 it will be so fun to customize it with new boot/sleep clips, transparent backplate, and new UI design

daintyeco ✨ 6 days ago

deleted my amazon account. another one bites the dust

daintyeco 🤩 6 days ago

breakthrough in my uni assignment. looking forward to the new mandalorian ep

daintyeco 💡 7 days ago

extremely inspired but i don't have the time to sit and think and create it! soon

daintyeco 🙂 7 days ago

looking at the same document i've looked at for the past 2 months repulses me. i can't wait to be done with it. fuck law

daintyeco 😭 8 days ago

i ordered the first expansion set for burg blaustein from bluebrixx but still no base castle ;_;

daintyeco 🥳 9 days ago

i bought a steam deck. i wanna learn how to make themes for it

daintyeco 🥰 10 days ago

i'm cozy in my new big soft hoodie, and i have so many ideas

daintyeco 💀 10 days ago

finally done with my creations sites and just as i wanted to upload to nc it's down

daintyeco 🌙 11 days ago

i am binging izzzyzzz' videos while coding and it's now almost 5am

daintyeco 👀 12 days ago

i finally cancelled my netflix subscription of 9 years. greedy clowns

daintyeco 🤩 15 days ago

i'm finally making a dedicated page for my creations yaaay and also trying out brackets for the first time

daintyeco 🙃 16 days ago

i wanna change stuff on my page but i really need to finish this uni assignment oops

daintyeco 😶 18 days ago

lots of law report writing today, hopefully

daintyeco 🌈 19 days ago

napped, done with the dishes, laundry, tidied up, cleaned the bathroom and now amazing dinner and the new mandalorian ep!

daintyeco ✏️ 20 days ago

call of cthulhu pnp :)

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