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hi! i'm ava, 27 // The current mood of daintyeco at www.imood.com


daintyeco 💻 321 days ago

I am currently setting up Xubuntu on a VM to use for The Odin Project :)

daintyeco 💻 326 days ago

all this drive, but no keys though (executive function bad)

daintyeco 🔥 327 days ago

my dock for the steam deck arrived. time for desktop mode shenanigans.

daintyeco 🌧️ 329 days ago

impostor syndrome kind of day

daintyeco 🐶 332 days ago

dog safe and sound! recovering from tooth extraction.

daintyeco 🙂 333 days ago

dropped the dog off at the vet for surgery. now distracting myself with going out to brunch (feels wrong)

daintyeco 🙂 334 days ago

rearranged my neocities sites' content a bit, bought domains, set up a cool new site. otherwise very busy with work demands!

daintyeco ✨ 347 days ago

hopeful and excited for new things even if it may take a while to find something new!

daintyeco 👀 349 days ago

i am in need of changing my routine and life up, but no idea how yet and too many external factors keeping the current one in place!

daintyeco 🌧️ 350 days ago

i feel like a bit of a flop recently, but not for any valid reasons; just brainworms

daintyeco 😇 362 days ago

on a break from coding for this month

daintyeco ❤️ 364 days ago

playing coffee talk 2 on the deck

daintyeco 💔 366 days ago

drag&drop should not be this hard to code, what the fuck. it never consistently works

daintyeco 🙂 368 days ago

working on a contribution for the 32bit cafe pride zine

daintyeco 💻 369 days ago

learning x3dom and getting back into 3dsmax to create a browser 3d world

daintyeco ✨ 371 days ago

made my own start page for the browser via decker

daintyeco 🎮 372 days ago

finally 100%ed lego star wars skywalker saga

daintyeco 🌈 375 days ago

having a few fun days with friends

daintyeco 🌈 378 days ago

bluebrixx castle update released

daintyeco ✨ 378 days ago

changed the layout of my digital art page, changed journal pages to have dark mode toggle. working on releasing bluebrixx castle update.

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