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hi i'm saint :) how do i code the theme nevermind guys i think i'm figuring it out

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twitchcoded 💻 5 days ago

opening my laptop to do revision for my exam tomorrow, but then playing 5 hours of arcanum instead,,,,

twitchcoded 💻 8 days ago

only two exams left,,,, my return to neocities shall be imminent,,,,

twitchcoded 📚 28 days ago

exams will be done by the end of the month so i'm hoping to work on my site again after that :)

twitchcoded 💻 49 days ago

site updates won't happen for a while.. i'm really struggling with university and health and personal things rn. thanks for being patient :)

twitchcoded ✨ 55 days ago

"autistic people's special interests are always so cute and childish and innocent lol 🥰" WRONG. snail cannibalism

twitchcoded 🎨 57 days ago

i don't want to do revision, i just want to sew more stuff onto my jacket

twitchcoded 🎨 61 days ago

going to a cool arts and crafts shop with my mam :)

twitchcoded 🙃 62 days ago

phoned the doctors two days ago. phoned them today. going to phone them tomorrow. woe and misery.

twitchcoded ✏️ 77 days ago

once again losing my entire mind over this essay

twitchcoded 🙂 81 days ago

i dont think it would be hard to be a false prophet, like you can just say stuff & it doesnt have to be true ever

twitchcoded 🎨 82 days ago

i got some stuff for lino cutting earlier bc i've wanted to try it for AGES but idk rly how 2 do it so im going to find some tutorials later

twitchcoded 💻 82 days ago

hmm need to switch my fansite and language site to better layouts at some point

twitchcoded 🎨 82 days ago

going to a cool art shop!!!!

twitchcoded 🥰 83 days ago

feel like i've had a pretty good day today n i love my fictional husbands sooo much <3 good night

twitchcoded 💔 83 days ago

nooo why isn't neocities loading now </3

twitchcoded ✏️ 83 days ago

working on my essay on ancient celts for university & afterwards i'm going to make some shrines on my neocities site :)

twitchcoded 🎶 84 days ago

i wanna get back into writing music!!

twitchcoded 📖 84 days ago

going to the museum this morning with my mam :)

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