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hi i'm saint :) how do i code the theme nevermind guys i think i'm figuring it out

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twitchcoded 🌱 17 hours ago

"do you live under a rock??" man i WISH. i could be a little slug guy,,,,

twitchcoded 🤔 1 day ago

i want to join that self-ship webring but im not sure which of my fictional men to pick to put on there :(

twitchcoded 💻 1 day ago

thinking about maybe moving all my dreamwidth posts to a journal page on my site?? idk i like to have all my stuff in one place

twitchcoded ✨ 2 days ago

i think i've got what it takes to be a false prophet

twitchcoded 😎 3 days ago

goign to a vintage clothes sale!!!!

twitchcoded 💤 4 days ago

i think my sleep schedule is finally starting to fix itself after 3 months of being fucked up

twitchcoded 🎨 4 days ago

excited to try out my new watercolour paints and water brush pen i got earlier!!

twitchcoded 🍫 6 days ago

got some really nice sweets from the shop today :)

twitchcoded 📱 6 days ago

why r 8 yr olds being given smartphones i didnt have my 1st smattphone until i was 16 and i only used it to play public transport simulators

twitchcoded 🌈 10 days ago

happy 1 year HRT anniversary to me!!!!

twitchcoded 💾 12 days ago

just got my copy of mechassault phantom war earlier :)

twitchcoded 🙃 16 days ago

i hope it stops flooding soon so i can get the train back home for my appointments,,,,

twitchcoded 💻 27 days ago

my only real new year's resolution is that i want to spend less time on social media and more time looking at different neocities sites

twitchcoded 🎶 30 days ago

this year by the mountain goats is always mandatory listening for new year's eve for me

twitchcoded 🎮 31 days ago


twitchcoded 💾 32 days ago

got a ds & a sonic game for x-mas but i cannot even get past the third level 😔 i always wanted a ds when i was a kid so i'm very excited :)

twitchcoded 💻 33 days ago

touched up some stuff on my site today 👍🏻

twitchcoded ✨ 47 days ago

i was stuck somewhere for a few days bc i was in a car crash, but i'm home now it's all good

twitchcoded 😶 74 days ago

i feel like i've been unwell almost every day since i've started university :/

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