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twitchcoded ✏️ 13 days ago

i haven't drawn anything in months, i miss it :( maybe i'll draw something tomorrow after my appointment. as a reward.

twitchcoded 💻 18 days ago

made an account on cohost - going to try it out once i'm out of the waiting period

twitchcoded 🙃 26 days ago

i've overworked myself to the point of really bad burnout - there probably won't be a site update until my christmas break

twitchcoded 📚 68 days ago

back at university finally!! :)

twitchcoded 🙃 71 days ago

looking forward to going back to university and getting back to lessons, but nervous to move into my new accommodation (•_•)

twitchcoded 📰 74 days ago

i'm such a hypocrite for having the "delete twitter, make a neocities" badge bc i rejoined twitter but for academic purposes. which is worse

twitchcoded 🎮 80 days ago

baldur's gate 3 fans will nevr know the pain of being a bg1/2 fan & battling through 10000 posts in the bg tags just to see one (1) bg1 post

twitchcoded 💻 80 days ago

i might try & work a bit on my mechcommander fansite thjs week bc i've been really neglecting it compared to my other 2 sites recently :(

twitchcoded 📚 82 days ago

i can't wait to go back to university soon :)

twitchcoded 💻 85 days ago

cleaning up my site folders and files bc it's a MESS back here

twitchcoded 💻 86 days ago

i think i'm going to have to change my art pages around, they're taking way too long to load as they are :/

twitchcoded 🔥 86 days ago

AUGHH it's been way way too hot today :(

twitchcoded 📱 91 days ago

ohhhh i think my tablet may be giving up :(

twitchcoded 💾 98 days ago

finally getting around to fixing my site layout over two weeks after i actually said i would,,, oops

twitchcoded 💻 116 days ago

back from university and going to try and give my site layout an update tomorrow bc there's some elements that really don't work

twitchcoded 😴 130 days ago

this summer course at university is absolutely exhausting me, all i do is go to class and nap

twitchcoded 🎶 146 days ago

GOD I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twitchcoded 💻 149 days ago

ohh i just had a wonderful idea for my site design,,,, steampunk themed,,,,,

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