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twitchcoded 🍕 2 hours ago

dyed my hair pink and ordering pizza. life could be a dream

twitchcoded 💾 21 days ago

i refuse to believe that anyone has ever voluntarily saved an image as a webp.

twitchcoded 🎶 25 days ago

my orchestra concert on the weekend went really well but i do feel like i've been hit by a bus now

twitchcoded 🎶 36 days ago

writing music again and trying to be unbothered by making it sound "correct" or worrying about the theory. just trying to wnjoy the process.

twitchcoded 🎷 47 days ago

ahhh the concert yesterday went well, it was great, i missed music and concerts sooo much

twitchcoded 🎷 54 days ago

i'm going to be playing in the first concert i've done in 5 years in just a few days

twitchcoded 💾 86 days ago

been playing fallen london, i've had it bookmarked for a while it's really intriguing me so far...

twitchcoded 🎶 87 days ago

i've been getting into katzenjammer recently their music is soooo soo good

twitchcoded 🥳 100 days ago

finished my italian exam yaaaaayyyy

twitchcoded 🌈 112 days ago

did some drawings of my fox characters yesterday, and i want to make some character pages for my site now :)

twitchcoded ✏️ 154 days ago

i haven't drawn anything in months, i miss it :( maybe i'll draw something tomorrow after my appointment. as a reward.

twitchcoded 💻 159 days ago

made an account on cohost - going to try it out once i'm out of the waiting period

twitchcoded 🙃 167 days ago

i've overworked myself to the point of really bad burnout - there probably won't be a site update until my christmas break

twitchcoded 📚 209 days ago

back at university finally!! :)

twitchcoded 🙃 212 days ago

looking forward to going back to university and getting back to lessons, but nervous to move into my new accommodation (•_•)

twitchcoded 📰 215 days ago

i'm such a hypocrite for having the "delete twitter, make a neocities" badge bc i rejoined twitter but for academic purposes. which is worse

twitchcoded 🎮 221 days ago

baldur's gate 3 fans will nevr know the pain of being a bg1/2 fan & battling through 10000 posts in the bg tags just to see one (1) bg1 post

twitchcoded 💻 221 days ago

i might try & work a bit on my mechcommander fansite thjs week bc i've been really neglecting it compared to my other 2 sites recently :(

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