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hi i'm twitchcoded :) how do i edit the theme


twitchcoded 💤 24 days ago

so fatigued recently and nervous for university to start,,

twitchcoded ❤️ 77 days ago

playing mechcommander 1!!!!!!!!!! on operation 4 mission 6 rn :) i love this game so much

twitchcoded 🌙 78 days ago

very hashtag sleepy-core these days.

twitchcoded 🎨 87 days ago

having so much fun with artfight this year!! :D lowkey worried i might burnout though,, whatever

twitchcoded 😡 100 days ago

really not enjoying the recent hot weather. i had a walk today but it was way too hot for it really.

twitchcoded ☕ 109 days ago

went for a walk and had some nice fizzy lychee drinks today :)

twitchcoded 📺 113 days ago

i just bought civilization 4 off GOG bc it was on sale, and civ 2 was one of my biggest hyperfixations when i was a kid.

twitchcoded 💾 114 days ago

taking a social media break!! i'll still be around here though

twitchcoded 🎶 119 days ago

going to pick up my new mp3 player from the shop!!

twitchcoded 💾 122 days ago

i just played minesweeper for over 5 hours (•_•)

twitchcoded 🙂 122 days ago


twitchcoded ☕ 122 days ago

sad bc i finished all the pink juice :( idk what flavour it even was i just like pink drinks

twitchcoded 🎶 131 days ago

i desperately need to make some musician OCs,,, i'm missing the orchestras and wind bands i used to play in a lot right now :(

twitchcoded 💾 139 days ago

gaming rn >:) playing MC1

twitchcoded ✏️ 141 days ago

going to do some drawing :)

twitchcoded 😡 141 days ago

pretty warm recently. not enjoying the hot weather at all :/